Jeremy Auville (1:29)

Following in the footsteps of his grandfather who took him underground for the first time when he was 12, Jeremy has close to a decade of mining under his belt. A car accident cost him a college basketball scholarship and he had to move back home and take a job in the mines. Jeremy was seriously injured in a rock fall that left him covered for more than 30 minutes underground. He was out of work for more than a month and was afraid to go back into “the hole,” but for the sake of his two daughters, faced his fear and now mining at Cobalt Coal.

Posted 04/5/2011

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Andrew Christian, Jr. (1:21)

Andrew is one of the youngest miners at Cobalt Coal and works on the day shift alongside his dad and mining legend Andy Christian Sr. Andrew wants to become a continuous miner operator just like his dad. Though it’s one of the most difficult and dangerous positions, it’s also one of the highest-paying jobs in the mine. Andrew knows that with his dad training him, he’ll be one of the best miner operators in the state, just like his dad.

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The Critics Can't Stop Talking About Coal (0:30)

It's true. The rave reviews for Spike's new original series keep pouring in. Coal airs Wednesdays at 10PM/9c only on Spike.

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