Armory: Crazy Horse vs. Pancho Villa (8:33)

Kieron and Gary Harper, the show's firearms armorer, showcase the powerful and deadly guns from Crazy Horse vs. Pancho Villa: the 1860 Henry Repeater Rifle and the Winchester 1894 Rifle.

Posted 09/8/2011

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Sneak Peek - Vampires vs. Zombies (2:37)

Next Wednesday at 9/8c on the Deadliest Warrior Live Season Finale we finally get to witness the ultimate matchup we've been waiting for all season for: Vampires vs. Zombies. Check out this exclusive sneak peek that showcases the deadly weapon, the Vampire Claw, and get a "taste" of what's to come!

Posted 09/8/2011

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Sneak Peek - Gurkhas vs. French Foreign Legion (11:42)

Next Wednesday at 9/8c the French Foreign Legion will square off against the Gurkhas on the Deadliest Warrior Live Finale. But why wait? Watch the first 12 minutes of the episode right now!

Posted 09/8/2011

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Crazy Horse’s Vision Quest (2:00)

A legendary warrior must have a legendary vision...and Crazy Horse was no exception! Find out what convinced Crazy Horse he was invincible in this exclusive bonus clip from Crazy Horse vs. Pancho Villa.

Posted 09/8/2011

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Geoff’s Fabrication Lab On Ballistics (2:00)

Ever wonder why guns put a spin on bullets before they spit them out? Watch Geoff explain it in this exclusive bonus clip from Crazy Horse vs. Pancho Villa!

Posted 09/8/2011

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