Ivan’s Bardiche and Cortés’ Alabarda (0:52)

Ivan the Terrible and Hernán Cortés had some deadly weapons, but two in particular stand out: Ivan’s Bardiche and Cortés’ Alabarda. Watch this exclusive bonus clip and see Dave Baker talk about the weapons that took the lives of so many.

Posted 09/1/2011

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Quartering by Horse And Garrote Torture Demos (2:00)

What could be more horrific than Ivan the Terrible and Hernán Cortés' weapons? Try some absolutely crazy torture methods! Watch this exclusive bonus clip from the episode and witness the gruesome things these conquerors would do to their captured enemies.

Posted 09/1/2011

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Armory: Ivan the Terrible vs. Hernán Cortés (7:53)

Dave Baker the weapons maker and Kieron Elliot are back, and this time they're talking about Ivan the Terrible and Hernán Cortés' incredible weapons: the Bardiche battleaxe and the Alabarda polearm. Watch the Deadliest Warrior Armory and find out more about these ancient tools of death!

Posted 09/1/2011

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Sneak Peek - Crazy Horse vs. Pancho Villa (13:53)

Can't wait till next week when Crazy Horse squares off against Pancho Villa? Then watch the first 14 minutes of the episode right now to see which freedom fighter will win this epic battle!

Posted 09/1/2011

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