Riot Gun (3:06)

Ton and Allen rendezvous with their friend Shaun who knows just how to put this sweet riot gun to use. More importantly, he's got a full wallet and is ready to buy.

Posted 02/7/2013

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Unraveling The Blob (0:59)

One skinny guy, one fat guy, and one humongous inflatable device can often mean a lot of fun. Auction Hunting sure does have its perks.

Posted 02/7/2013

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New Blood In An Old Game (1:07)

Allen and Ton run into some overly-ambitious young locals who are fed up with the boys crossing on to their turf. Sometimes, you just gotta ignore the haters.

Posted 02/7/2013

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Big Bid From Big Sis (1:06)

Just when the Hermosa Boys think they have Ton and Allen by the short hairs, Big Sis steps in to save the day with her very first winning bid.

Posted 02/7/2013

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"Jet Skis" Unit (1:35)

Sometimes you think you've got a gold mine of a storage unit on your hands, and sometimes, you may just be right. Unfortunately, this is not one of those times.

Posted 02/7/2013

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