The Return Of The Hermosa Boys (0:58)

Just when Allen and Ton think their next auction's gonna be smooth sailing, they're greeted by their old pals who are obviously just as obsessed with their turf as they are with their profit. Here come the Hermosa Boys.

Posted 02/1/2013

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"DVD" Unit (1:41)

The Hermosa Boys have had enough of Ton and Allen and are ready to put an end to their success with this storage unit - even if it means losing a little money along the way.

Posted 02/1/2013

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Allen Loses It Over The "Tiffany" Unit (1:28)

When the boys spot a beautiful Tiffany box in a storage unit, they know it's going to be a fierce bidding war with the locals. If that's not enough, the Hermosa Boys are ready to pounce too.

Posted 02/1/2013

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