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Reviewin' and Watchin' Awards Given at VGA 10 (00:06:37.296)

Daniel Kayser backstage at VGA 10 joined by Shane Satterfield, Editor in Chief of Gametrailers, and Casey Lynch, Editor in Chief of IGN review the show. Kayser is later rejoined by Stephen Totilo, Editor in Chief of Kotaku, to watch the VGA.

Posted 12/7/2012

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Backstage with Game of the Decade and Game of the Year Winners (00:11:28.153)

Nerd Machines' Alison Haislip in the green room is joined by Game of the Decade winners, Half Life 2 (Valve). Alison is later joined by Game of the Year Winner, The Walking Dead (Telltale Games).

Posted 12/7/2012

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Best Human Female Gets Awarded and Host of VGA 10 Sam Jackson Gets Interviewed (9:31.037)

The hosts of the VGA 10 Preshow, Daniel Kayser and Justine Ezarik, interview Robert Kirkman, producers of Dishonored, present the Best Human Female Award, and interview the host of VGA 10, Sam Jackson.

Posted 12/7/2012

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Daniel Kayser and Justine Ezarik Start Off VGA 10 With Producers of Journey (9:14.286)

Hosts of the VGA Preshow, Daniel Kayser and Justine Ezarik start off VGA 10 with the Best Overall Saxxy Award Winner "Story Of A Sentry" video and interview Robin Hunicke and Kellee Santiago producers of Journey.

Posted 12/7/2012

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