Daniel Kayser and Justine Ezarik Start Off VGA 10 With Producers of Journey (9:14.286)

Hosts of the VGA Preshow, Daniel Kayser and Justine Ezarik start off VGA 10 with the Best Overall Saxxy Award Winner "Story Of A Sentry" video and interview Robin Hunicke and Kellee Santiago producers of Journey.

Posted 12/7/2012

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Game of the Year Is Awarded and Tenacious D Ends The Night With A Bang (9:40.866)

The Game Of The Year award in the 2012 VGA is given to The Walking Dead and Tenacious D ends the show with a bang.

Posted 12/7/2012

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Camilla Luddington Takes The Stage To Premiere The Tomb Raider Trailer (6:12.238)

Lara Croft herself makes an appearance at the 2012 VGA to introduce her upcoming game, and then Clap Trap goes home with the Character Of The Year award.

Posted 12/7/2012

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Best Shooter Category Winner Reations and Phantom Pain World Premiere (00:08:43.256)

Daniel Kayser is backstage at VGA 10 with Cliff B, The Tony Stark of Video Games, and Stephen Totilo, Editor in Chief of Kotaku, discussing the Best Shooter category, Phantom Pain World Premiere and Character of the Year.

Posted 12/7/2012

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Best DLC Award Presented Backstage at VGA 10 (00:07:18.338)

Daniel Kayser is backstage at VGA 10 with Pete Hines, V.P of Marketing and PR for Bethesda Softworks, discussing games, and later presents Pete with the Best DLC Award for Skyrim.

Posted 12/7/2012

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