Lord of the Rings: Conquest - Episode 116

Four massive exclusives rock GTTV this week including Lord of the Rings Conquest, Call of Duty: World at War, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and UFC 2009.

Aired: 06/21/2008

Resident Evil 5 - Episode 114

Peter Moore shares the future of EA Sports plus world exclusive trailers for Resident Evil 5, Fracture and Golden Axe!

Aired: 05/31/2008

E3 2008 - Episode 120

GTTV brings you hard hitting interviews and coverage from the floor of E3.

Aired: 07/19/2008

Marvel Interactive - Episode 108

GTTV gets a first look at new Iron Man game footage and hosts the World Premiere of the teaser for The Incredible Hulk game.

Aired: 05/24/2008

Ghostbusters: The Video Game - Episode 112

Go behind the scenes of the upcoming Ghostbusters game and see the first ever campaign gameplay for Gears of War 2.

Aired: 05/28/2008

Call of Duty: World at War - Episode 127

GTTV takes you through the next chapter in the Call of Duty franchise.

Aired: 10/25/2008

Gears of War 2 - Episode 119

GTTV heads to Epic Games to get a look at the upcoming Gears of War 2.

Aired: 07/12/2008

Godfather Part II - Episode 122

GTTV joins the family with an in-depth look at The Godfather Part II.

Aired: 08/16/2008

Facebreaker: World Exclusive Debut - Episode 103

Take a first look at the EA's new title Facebreaker.

Aired: 05/19/2008

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Episode 109

Get the inside scoop on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed plus world exclusives for Resistance 2, Don King Presents Prizefighter, TNA iMPACT!: The Videogame, and Soul Calibur IV.

Aired: 05/25/2008

Pax Expo 2008 - Episode 124

GTTV heads to the PAX Expo!

Aired: 09/13/2008

Tiberium: Exlusive First Look - Episode 101

GameTrailers TV takes you to EA for a world exclusive first look at Tiberium.

Aired: 05/16/2008

Prototype - Episode 117

GTTV gets an inside look at Sierra's open world action game: Prototype.

Aired: 06/28/2008