Horsepower: Bang for the Buck Performance Mods - Episode 251

Horsepower brings back a smallblock Chevy “Mule Motor” to test several popular bolt-on components for power gains. Everything from different style headers to nitrous oxide. Since the “dyno don’t lie”, results will be valuable. Plus, a test of a performance tuner on Ford’s new Eco Boost engine.

Aired: 07/14/2012

Horsepower: Newstalgia Blown Hemi - Episode 250

Teaming up with Arrington Performance, renowned Hemi experts, Horsepower builds a modern-day, 3rd generation engine. However, they top it with an old school cars and giant, roots-style supercharger. Hot, new-world technology meets cool, old-world looks and power.

Aired: 06/23/2012

Horsepower: AMC “Other Engine” Build Up - Episode 249

The 360 was AMC’s unsung hero of power. In production for many years, they’re an affordable foundation for a performance build. Our build comes loaded with valuable tech tips and money-saving shortcuts. It also comes with an impressive payoff in the horsepower department.

Aired: 06/9/2012

Horsepower: The Caddy 500 “Other Engine” - Episode 248

Horsepower loves the “other engines”, classic, yet less famous, muscle car engines. They find a junkyard Cadillac 500 big block and use some modern-day performance parts to make a monster out of GM’s biggest luxury car engine. As expected, the final truth is in the dyno numbers.

Aired: 05/14/2012

Horsepower: “Sucker Punch” Powerplant - Episode 247

We continue our build of a Buick sleeper station wagon. Time to get serious with a Pontiac block, precisely machined at Butler Performance, built up with high performance parts plus a turbo charger. It all finishes with a power test on the dyno.

Aired: 04/14/2012

Horsepower: Project “Sucker Punch” - Episode 246

Horsepower sets out to build the absolute ultimate sleeper machine. A 1976 Buick Century wagon that will be loaded with all-new high performance parts and power. First order of business: a hefty nine-inch rearend, performance suspension and brakes and more.

Aired: 03/24/2012

Horsepower: All LS And All High-Performance Fun - Episode 245

Horsepower’s back to the second annual Holley LS Fest. It's an event where LS-only powered cars compete on the drag strip, the autocross and even a drift car challenge.

Aired: 03/10/2012

Horsepower: Engine Run Stand Tuning - Episode 244

Horsepower discovers a non-dyno way to test engines before they’re installed. It’s an engine run stand they also use for carb tuning. Plus, a look at how race car stopping power goes into new street car brake kits.

Aired: 02/25/2012

Horsepower: Horsepower Explores The “Chemical Intercooler” - Episode 243

Water/methanol injection has been used successfully since World War II as a way to enhance power by increasing octane. Horsepower conduct a pair of first-ever tests – one for naturally-aspirated engines, another for turbo engines. The results may astonish you.

Aired: 02/18/2012

Horsepower: Modern Supercharging For a Modern Muscle Car - Episode 242

Horsepower embraces the latest supercharging technology from Edelbrock and applies it to a new, Hemi-powered Dodge Challlenger. Plus, a “heads-up” on picking pistons.

Aired: 02/18/2012

Horsepower: Hybrid LS Camaro Payoff - Episode 241

The guys install their uniquely designed, newly built LS engine in a ’69 Camaro, along with a race-ready trans. Then it’s put up or shut up, as they pay it off a quarter-mile drag strip. Also go behind the scenes at the home of a top tool box manufacturer.

Aired: 01/21/2012

Horsepower: Hybrid LS for a Classic ’69 Camaro - Episode 240

The LS engine and the first generation Camaro are a match made in high performance heaven. With help from engine specialists, ATK, the Horsepower guys build a carbureted 408 version with hopes for big numbers on the dyno. Plus, a one-of-a-kind race event where Prestolite Gathers late model muscle machines for their MMX Shootout on the strip.

Aired: 01/7/2012

Horsepower: Building The “Other” 350 Small Block Engine - Episode 239

It’s a Horsepower first – the buildup of a classic Buick 350 small block. From the boneyard to the dyno cell, discover how to enhance the factory performance of a little-known Chevy cousin and keep its original looks.

Aired: 12/17/2011

Horsepower: Horsepower goes Pro Touring - Episode 238

Horsepower visits the inaugural “Run to Music City”. It’s a pro touring event loaded with beautiful old muscle cars, all modified for power and performance on the autocross, the speed-stop challenge and the road course. Plus, we show how to pump the performance of a six-cylinder Mustang GT.

Aired: 10/29/2011

Horsepower: Mario Andretti Camaro Supercar - Episode 237

Horsepower helps legendary racer Mario Andretti build a supercharged, modified, stylized Signature Camaro. It’s a one-of-a-kind car with a special mission. It’s destined for the Auction block with all money going to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Aired: 10/22/2011

Horsepower: Budget Bracket Racing Engine - Episode 236

We use a bunch of re-purposed parts and a whole lot of massaging to build a real world bracket race engine that’s got plenty of competitive, consistent power.

Aired: 09/24/2011