TRUCKS!: Daily Driver C-10 Part 6: Glass Repair & Gauge Cluster Rebuild - Episode 193

We're saving money by reviving the original glass in our 1966 Chevy C-10 and restoring the OE gauge cluster.

Aired: 09/26/2009

TRUCKS!: Cheep Cherokee Part 7: Short Arm to Long Arm Conversion - Episode 192

We're converting the suspension on Project: Cheep Cherokee from a "short arm" to "long arm" system for a better handling on the road and more suspension flex off road.

Aired: 09/5/2009

TRUCKS!: Super Dually Part 3: Frame Modification and Body Fitment - Episode 191

We're modifying our 1997 Dodge frame by moving the engine back nearly 6 inches before bolting our 1979 F-350 body to it.

Aired: 08/29/2009

TRUCKS!: PCM Tuner Fuel Mileage Test & Daily Driver C-10 Part 6: Interior Installation - Episode 190

We'll test a new engine tuner to see just how far we can go on a single gallon of gas and we'll get the interior into our 1966 Chevy C-10.

Aired: 05/30/2009

TRUCKS!: Super Dually Part 2: Body Swap & Frame Repair - Episode 189

We'll straighten out our 1997 Dodge frame before setting our 1979 Ford F-350 body on it.

Aired: 05/23/2009

TRUCKS!: Daily Driver C-10 Part 5: Final Assembly - Episode 188

Our shortened 1966 Chevy C-10 is all painted and we'll show you how to completely re-assemble the entire truck without a scratch!

Aired: 05/16/2009

TRUCKS!: Second Chance Silverado Part 4: Upgrades - Episode 187

Our Second Chance Silverado is back this week and is set to get a leveling kit and upgrades in the power, suspension and wheels and tire departments.

Aired: 05/9/2009

TRUCKS!: Cheep Cherokee Part 6: Budget Stroker Reassembly - Episode 186

Project Cheep Cherokee's back in the shop so we can do a budget bore and stroke on our four liter straight six for more power. And, we'll show you how to create more displacement and let it breathe better by port matching the intake and cylinder head.

Aired: 05/2/2009

TRUCKS!: Super Dually Part 1 - Episode 185

Our third new project of the season will result in a diesel tow rig by combining both old and new, Ford and Dodge. A modern Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel Powered chassis and a classic 1970's Ford 4 door Crew Cab body for a "modern" tow rig and a vintage look.

Aired: 04/25/2009

TRUCKS!: ClasSix: Part 1 - Episode 184

Our retro 1949 Chevy 3100 is our second new project of this season and this classic is not only going to end up with a great new look, its power plant will be Chevy's vintage straight six. And, just to see what this 60 year old design has to offer, we'll start off with a road test just like we'd put any new truck through.

Aired: 04/19/2009

TRUCKS!: Second Chance Silverado Part 3: Color Match Painting - Episode 183

With our 2001 Chevy Silverado the right shape again, it's time to make it the right color again. Instead of painting the entire truck, we'll show you how to paint only the parts you need to and how to blend the color for a seamless and invisible repair so no one can tell what's new from what's original.

Aired: 04/11/2009

TRUCKS!: Second Chance Silverado Part 2: Dent Repair and Paint Prep - Episode 182

Now that our rescued 2001 Chevy Silverado is sporting replacement body panels, it's time to fix up a dented passenger door and get the truck ready for paint. We'll show you how to mud, sand and prime to get your rig ready for a seamless, color match paint job!

Aired: 04/4/2009

TRUCKS!: Cheep Cherokee Part 5: Budget Stroker - Episode 181

Project Cheep Cherokee returns to get more power and it's the first time we've ever done a 4-wheel drive chassis dyno test to see what kind of power our stock 6 cylinder makes. Then, we'll start the process of showing you an inexpensive way to bore and stroke the engine to get more power out of Jeep's 4 liter straight six.

Aired: 03/29/2009

TRUCKS!: Second Chance Silverado Part 1 - Episode 180

It's the start of our all new season and this year we're taking a budget minded approach to projects starting with our Project Second Chance Silverado. We rescued this 2001 Chevy Silverado from being "parted out" by an auto recycler to begin transforming it into a sharp, half-priced everyday street truck. In this first show, we'll tackle replacing the damaged body panels with an eye to spending as little as possible.

Aired: 03/21/2009

TRUCKS!: Liquid Propane Conversion - Episode 178

This week, Trucks explores the use of alternative fuels to ease the pain at the pump. Kevin and Ryan take a brand new Ford F-150 and with the help of Roush Performance, convert it to run on liquid propane. They'll be using the same clean burning fuel that cooks your hamburgers and hot dogs and most importantly, costs less than gasoline. And, they will also show you how and where you can fuel up if you make the switch to LP!

Aired: 09/19/2009

TRUCKS!: Tall Tundra - Episode 176

In this show, Import trucks are hot and today we're taking a new Toyota Tundra and turning it into one mean daily driver that can also take on the trails.

Aired: 10/24/2009