Xtreme 4x4: King of the Hammers Special - Episode 106

93 drivers, 7 hardcore trails, and 80 miles of unforgiving desert make for an unbelievable rock race. Ian takes us to Johnson Valley, CA and the 2009 King of the Hammers Race. This 5-hour epic battle is whittled down to 30 min of hardcore racing action!

Aired: 06/27/2009

Xtreme 4x4: Budget Buggy Pt. II, King of Hammers Preview - Episode 105

It's part 2 of our first ever single-seat buggy build. 3 link suspension front/rear, coilover shocks, junkyard Toyota axles, and beadlocks turn our under $10K rig into a rolling chassis. Plus under the hood, an Acura 4 banger that doesn't need a t-case!

Aired: 06/21/2009

Xtreme 4x4: Budget Buggy Pt. I - Episode 104

How to create your own ultimate fab shop by spending money on tools instead of parts. We'll re-outfit our budget garage with dual purpose tools, then save money with our first single seat budget buggy by shopping for junkyard motor & drive train.

Aired: 06/13/2009

Xtreme 4x4: '69 International Scout Part III. W.E.Rock Geo Tracker - Episode 103

America's 1st SUV the IH Scout continues its modern transformation, keeping a "cornbinder" at heart. The 345 V8 we snagged out of a Scout II gets rebuilt and mated to more reliable transmission and ultimate transfer case. Plus a Geo Tracker rock crawler!

Aired: 06/6/2009

Xtreme 4x4: S10 Truggy Pt V. - Episode 102

Green Envy is what we are calling our truck/buggy combo, in this episode custom dash, audio and more. Full custom, way over the top in every area, our truggy gets near buttoned up with a full fiberglass dash and stereo system from our buddies at MTX, plus seats, harnesses, plumbing and wiring will round out this episode.

Aired: 03/14/2009

Xtreme 4x4: Truck Part IV. The Science of a Mud Track! - Episode 101

Last day in the shop for our '87 ¾ ton Chevy with 588 big block super stock Mud Bogger! So much power was made by the Ford stroker, we had to swap the Dana 44 front in favor of a heavy duty aftermarket 9" axle. Plus also in this episode, drive shafts, wiring gauges and the odds and ends that go into launching a full size truck in the mud! Then we'll cook our own gumbo mud soup by learning what it takes to design and build a world class mud course.

Aired: 03/7/2009

Xtreme 4x4: '69 International Scout Part II. King of Stock Mods Kurt Shramovich - Episode 100

Classic truck returns with step-by-step gear install, teardown of the stock IH V8, flex fuel conversion. They were said to be the first true SUV, now Scouts are highly collectible and great trail trucks. Also in this episode, transmission and transfer case will be planned out. Plus, we're off to Hannibal, Missouri to see the king of the stock mod rock crawl competitors do his thing at this national championship.

Aired: 02/28/2009

Xtreme 4x4: CJ 8 Scrambler Part IV Dual Fuel - Episode 099

The small block V8 roars with a dual fuel gas/propane set up in our custom hybrid Jeep Scrambler. This kit is perfect for any carbureted off-road set up. We'll do simple step by step how to on this inexpensive upgrade on our 100% custom trail jeep.

Aired: 02/21/2009

Xtreme 4x4: Suspension 101, Rock Racing - Episode 098

How to choose a custom suspension, building a double triangulated 4 link, plus rock racing from Jellico, TN. Choosing the right shocks, coilovers or air, reservoir of mono tube all details will be discussed, plus Ian builds a mock up chassis and gives step-by-step instructions on how to calculate and build his favorite set up. And our cameras roll to Jellico, TN for the XRRA nationals in rock racing!

Aired: 02/14/2009

Xtreme 4x4: '69 International Scout Pt. 1 - Episode 097

This classic truck is turned into a modern dual-purpose rig with V-8 swap, lift, rear 4 link and more. International Harvester is said to have created America's first SUV when the Scout 80 was introduced in 1961. Now these vintage 4x4's are highly sought after as collectibles. We'll build our own with spring over axle, heavy duty axles, and with the help of a donor truck's V8 - we'll keep it mostly IH to satisfy the purists!

Aired: 02/7/2009

Xtreme 4x4: CJ8 Scrambler Part III - Episode 096

Our "2-car garage" theme continues with Scrambler pt.III, propane injection, axles, tube fenders and more. Our 100% custom trail jeep becomes dual fuel which allows it to run on gas and propane. Rad, fuel cell, exhaust and axles installed. Plus, we'll meet the Lovell brothers, western champions in W,E. Rock.

Aired: 01/31/2009

Xtreme 4x4: Buying a Used Buggy - Repairs and Upgrades - Episode 095

How to inspect a used truck/buggy and fix what needs repairing including cage redesign. We dust off our Poison Spyder buggy for some basic maintenance tips, with pointers on what to look for before and what to upgrade after you purchase your used trail truck. And after a day of upgrades the guys take the Spyder out to see how their repairs hold up to some hard core Southern style wheelin'.

Aired: 01/24/2009

Xtreme 4x4: Mud Truck Part III - Episode 094

An 800 horse mud dragster gets suspension, steering, full floating axles, and then gets fired up! Our bogger also gets closer to the starting line with heavy duty gearsets, brake boosters and upgraded leaf springs. Plus Ian goes one stop shopping for all the fuel cell plumbing to make building a race truck easier. Then our cameras travel to Monroe, Louisiana for sticky gumbo mud racing action in high definition!

Aired: 01/17/2009

Xtreme 4x4: CJ8 Scrambler Part II - Episode 093

A Jeep Scrambler gets its tub, drivetrain, beadlocks and more all in a 2 car garage with simple tools. We'll install a doubler kit for more gearing options, diy beadlocks, then keeping with our budget theme, we'll head to a local custom shop where the cage will be professionally welded cheaper than having to buy an expensive 220 volt machine.

Aired: 01/10/2009

Xtreme 4x4: S10 Truggy Part IV, All-Stock Rock Crawl Nationals - Episode 092

S10 Truggy gets assembled with attention to every detail making this a hardcore performer and show stopper. Back from paint and powder coat this over-the-top 4x4 gets custom suspension, drivetrain installed, rock lights, light bar, floods and more. Plus action from Hannibal, Missouri and the All Stock Rock Crawl Nationals.

Aired: 01/3/2009

Xtreme 4x4: Jeep Scrambler Part I - Episode 090

This Jeep Scrambler is a bit longer, a bit different, but still a popular truck build for the Xtreme off-road crowd! This will be the start of a very inexpensive project truck that most enthusiasts can do in their own garage. And to prove it, we're putting away our fancy cold saws and tube benders, and will create our own two car garage inside our Xtreme shop - with minimal tools but with all the drive and desire you guys have at home for your projects!

Aired: 10/3/2009