Xtreme 4x4: Budget TJ Jeep Part II - Episode 122

How to build custom width axles for a multipurpose TJ, allowing for bigger brakes, wheels, and tires. Goodbye Dana 30's, hello Dana 60's! This is step by step from measuring width, to cutting the housings, and installing heavy duty knuckles and shafts.

Aired: 04/12/2010

Xtreme 4x4: Military 6x6 Bobbed Deuce Part II - Episode 121

Our military 6x6 is now a huge 4x4 and gets airbags and link suspension. We flip the rear hubs to match the front wheelbase, relocate the battery box, and finish up our 100% fabricated pick up bed. Plus, we'll put our fuel saving street truck on a diet!

Aired: 04/5/2010

Xtreme 4x4: Mud Truck Part V - Recap and Dirty Payoff - Episode 120

Our 800 horse mud monster finally sees its first mud hole. We'll recap this project from early beginnings as a '87 3/4 ton Chevy, to it's transformation into a open-header floor masher. Plus we'll look at the importance of the spotter in mud racing.

Aired: 03/22/2010

Xtreme 4x4: Military 6x6 Bobbed Deuce Part I - Episode 119

33 years ago, it was a 2 ton US Military workhorse. We rescued this M530C fire truck from the scrap yard and found it could not only crush cars, but actually still pump water! Ian and Chris tear it down, and prepare to build a 4x4 deuce with a bed.

Aired: 03/15/2010

Xtreme 4x4: MIG Welding 101 Different Machines, Set Up's and Techniques. Americas Top Trails Pt 2 - Episode 118

MIG welding basics: What machine to buy? How to set one up properly, gas & wire choice? And what is the best technique for solid welds? All of this demonstrated. Plus America's Top Trails Part II: The Rocky Mountains, and Central Arkansas.

Aired: 02/15/2010

Xtreme 4x4: '69 International Scout Part VII - Wiring Basics, Gauges, Schematics, Troubleshooting - Episode 117

Wiring a truck can be a daunting task. Ian breaks it down from layout, schematic diagrams, to actual wiring of our IH Scout. Ignition, gauges, lights, plus simple circuits explained, plus how to turn a conventional alternator into a single wire setup.

Aired: 02/8/2010

Xtreme 4x4: Budget Buggy part IV - Custom Paint with Aerosol Cans & Re-Assembly - Episode 116

Our Budget Buggy returns for reassembly. How to get a custom paint job with rattle cans. Plus a winch, fuel cell and a skin. And in part 1 of "America's Top Trails" we'll travel to New Mexico's Choke Cherry Canyon & KY's Land Between the Lakes.

Aired: 01/25/2010

Xtreme 4x4: '69 International Scout Part VI - Springs, Brakes, Fuel System - Episode 115

Our IH Scout build continues with exhaust, fuel system, & new suspension. Smaller coil springs are in order to lower the truck's center of gravity. A brake kit provides stopping power. Plus, we'll show you some cool extras to be the envy on the trail.

Aired: 01/18/2010

Xtreme 4x4: Remote Control Rock Crawler Build! - Episode 114

The hottest thing in off-roading is a mini version of itself! We'll build three different radio controlled rock buggies. From a 1:18 scale to play with around the house, to a big 1:10 full competition tube buggy with custom suspension, links, & beadlocks. Plus we'll meet a fan who built an RC "S10 Truggy."

Aired: 11/14/2009

Xtreme 4x4: Budget TJ Part 1 - Episode 113

What can you do with a wrecking yard TJ and a bunch of new & used parts? Find out when our Tricked out TJ begins with body protection, suspension, wheels & tires. This show will have tips and tricks for the hardcore builder, and weekend wrencher.

Aired: 09/26/2009

Xtreme 4x4: '69 International Scout Part V - Transmission & Winch Rebuild - Episode 112

Our popular Scout returns to the shop for two popular rebuilds. Why throw away a used transmission and pulling winch when you can rebuild them yourself! We'll gut a 700R4 automatic trans and a popular winch in order to make both good as new.

Aired: 08/15/2009

Xtreme 4x4: CJ8 Scrambler Part V - Payoff! - Episode 111

Our hybrid Scrambler project began in '08, and today the hard work pays off. We'll travel to the Scrambler Owners Association National Scramble in Hot Springs, AR. to learn see why they're cool, and just how capable our project Scrambler is on the trail.

Aired: 08/1/2009

Xtreme 4x4: Budget Buggy Part III - Steering Front/Rear Axles - Episode 110

Our Budget Buggy returns to our small fabrication shop for part 3, when the single seater gets two Toyota steering axles. Detailed how-to in preparing axles to handle larger tires. Plus "king of the stock mods" - rock crawl champion Kurt Shramovich.

Aired: 07/25/2009

Xtreme 4x4: Towing 101 - Episode 109

Built your trail rig, but are now tired of borrowing your buddy's trailer every weekend? Everything you need to know about towing, how to build a rig specific trailer, plus hitch selection, wiring, brake controllers, power adders, wheels tires & more!

Aired: 07/18/2009

Xtreme 4x4: '69 International Scout Part IV Roll Cage Tech - Rock Racing Profile: Levi Shirley - Episode 108

The Scout 800A gets a roll cage today. Everything from design, which material to choose along with bending, cutting, notching techniques. We'll hit the XRRA trail and meet 16 yr old rock racer Levi Shirley - on his way to being the next Shannon Campbell

Aired: 07/11/2009

Xtreme 4x4: S10 Truggy Finale/Payoff - Episode 107

After 18 months, our $750 S10 cab has been morphed into a one-of-a-kind Toxic Truggy. Steering Rockwell axles front & rear, 502 Ram Jet and much more. Now see if all the sweat and busted knuckles were worth it in a full-throttle hardcore trail payoff.

Aired: 07/4/2009