Xtreme 4x4: Jeep TJ: Half-Price Raptor Part V / KOH Qualifier - Episode 177

Our F-150 update rolls on, with a supercharged 5.4L bringing the boom! We’ll update the electronics to handle our V-8, and reuse some key components to save money. Plus: high-stakes racing at the East Coast King of the Hammers Qualifier!

Aired: 01/19/2013

Xtreme 4x4: Jeep TJ: Two-Car Garage Crawler Part II / Hudlow Axles - Episode 176

Our “tube chassis in a box” needs some axles! Using only basic hand tools and a welder, we’ll fabricate a wicked front axle from two bargain junkyard housings. Plus: we visit Hudlow Axle, to get some handmade shafts for our custom creation.

Aired: 01/12/2013

Xtreme 4x4: Jeep TJ: On the Road, In the Rocks! - Episode 175

Our five-stage TJ build is complete, and we’re ready to get out of the shop for a while! We’ll find out how well our driveline and suspension improvements handle the rocks… and test our dual-purpose rig’s body protection, too.

Aired: 12/15/2012

Xtreme 4x4: Two-Car Garage Crawler Part I / Inside the Rock Crawler - Episode 174

You want to build your own tube buggy, but you don’t have a garage full of fabrication gear. We’ve got a solution: a DIY chassis kit. With a welder and some basic tools, you can build a trail-ready tube chassis. Plus: insane hill-climb action!

Aired: 12/8/2012

Xtreme 4x4: Half-Price Raptor Part IV / Jeep TJ Part V - Episode 173

We’ve upgraded our F-150 to handle and accelerate like the Raptor, but it still LOOKS like an old pickup truck. We’ve got a plan to take care of that! Plus: the finishing touch on our TJ project… suspension seats for long days on the rocks.

Aired: 11/10/2012

Xtreme 4x4: Half-Price Raptor Part III / Jeep Speed Up Close - Episode 172

To perform like a Raptor, our F-150 needs a stronger engine. Today, we’ll bottle up some Lightning, with a budget-friendly junkyard find. Plus: a detailed breakdown of the major components of the Jeep Speed racer.

Aired: 10/20/2012

Xtreme 4x4: Aluminum Samurai Part IV: Zuwharrie Trail Ride - Episode 171

Each year, hundreds of devoted Suzuki fans gather at the Zuwharrie Trail Ride in North Carolina. We crash the party with our aluminum-tubbed, turbocharged Samurai, to find out just how well our ‘Zuk’ compares to the competition!


Essential Trail Gear and Tips / Jeep TJ Part IV - Episode 170

When you’re stranded on the trail, the phrase most commonly heard is, “I wish I would’ve brought…” We examine the gear that you need to carry along on all trail trips. Plus: Undercarriage protection for our Jeep TJ.

Aired: 09/22/2012

Xtreme 4x4: Aluminum Samurai Part III / Jeep TJ Part III - Episode 169

“Do it Yourself” is the phrase of the day for our aluminum-bodied Samurai: hand-built doors, a custom cooling system, and a two-tone paint job will make our ‘Zuk’ stand out in the crowd! Plus: a complete suspension and driveline upgrade for our Jeep TJ.

Aired: 09/8/2012

Xtreme 4x4: Chase Truck Part II - Episode 168

Our 2500 HD chase truck project continues, with power-adders for the engine: a cold air kit, methanol injection system, programmer, and more. Once it’s fully loaded, we’ll test the Chevy’s abilities in the passing lane!

Aired: 08/25/2012

Xtreme 4x4: Spring Rates 101 / Gorilla Run Hill Climb - Episode 167

Whether you’re hammering through the desert, or crawling on the rocks, the correct spring rate helps your rig perform its best! We’ll show you how to set up your ride. Plus: Hard-hitting action from the Gorilla Run hill climb!

Aired: 07/28/2012

Xtreme 4x4: Chase Truck Part I / Jeep TJ Part II - Episode 166

The race car gets all the glory, but the chase truck does the heavy lifting! We focus on the rig that hauls the racer to the starting line and provides the repair & recovery needed to cross the finish line. Plus, our TJ gets an easy roll cage upgrade.

Aired: 07/7/2012

Xtreme 4x4: Half-Price Raptor Part II - Episode 165

Our F-150 build continues, with a massive front end upgrade: extended control arms, a re-geared IFS, and hardcore bypass shocks. Plus 37” ATs for ground clearance and control. This rig’s suspension will absorb anything the trail throws our way!

Aired: 06/16/2012

Xtreme 4x4: Half-Price Raptor Part I - Episode 164

The Ford Raptor earned its esteemed reputation with a powerful motor, top-notch suspension, and sleek styling lines. But high-tech comes at a high price. Our plan: take a 1997 F-150, and design a rig to compete with the Raptor for half the cost!

Aired: 06/2/2012

Xtreme 4x4: Blog Buggy Part 6 - Episode 163

The rock crawler our viewers designed is complete! We turn the final wrench on the Blog Buggy, and take it on the tallest, toughest boulders we can find. Plus: we outfit our Expedition WJ with a cost-conscious rooftop tent.

Aired: 05/7/2012

Xtreme 4x4: Blog Buggy Part 5 - Episode 162

Using our Blog Buggy as an example, we go step-by-step through the process of “skinning”, or making body panels for a tube buggy. We’ll cover the correct materials to use, and show you the advantages of several metal cutting methods.

Aired: 03/31/2012