Muscle Car: Red Sled Steering, Clutch and Air Ride - Episode 099

Rick finishes Red Sled's steering setup, and builds a one-off clutch z-bar. Tommy buttons up the Air Ride system by installing the air lines and Air Pod. Learn how to rebuild a starter. In Flashback, take a ride in a rare Ford Thunderbolt.

Aired: 06/3/2010

Muscle Car: Red Sled Console, Paint and Emblems - Episode 098

Project Red Sled is back! Tommy fabricates a center console to match the Impala style lines. Rick paints her red, then adds custom-airbrushed emblems to the quarter panels. Flashback showcases a 1968 AMX.

Aired: 06/3/2010

Muscle Car: Blue Collar Buick Roof and Rust - Episode 097

Rick and Tommy show how to replace the entire roof on the '73 Buick. Rick demonstrates rust repair on the window channel, and "Project Dead Goat" terrorizes the neighborhood.

Aired: 03/8/2010

Muscle Car: Project Blue Collar Buick Debut - Episode 096

MuscleCar unveils the plans for Project Blue Collar Buick, a '73 Century with a restoration budget of under $10K. The guys go on an engine-hunt, bring back a Buick 455, and tear it down before sending it to the machine shop.

Aired: 03/1/2010

Muscle Car: Plan Your Next Project! - Episode 095

Get tips on choosing your next project and planning a budget. Rick and Tommy take a trip to the salvage yard to choose a low-budget vehicle to restore, then bring it back to the shop, analyze the problems and come up with a plan.

Aired: 02/22/2010

Muscle Car: Altered E-Go Exhaust - Episode 094

MuscleCar's A/FX drag car, Altered E-Go, gets a full custom exhaust including hand-fabbed cutout headers. Rick shows how to make your own mufflers.

Aired: 02/1/2010

Muscle Car: Edelbrock Mustang Track Car - Episode 093

Rick and Tommy give HorsePower a hand with their '68 Mustang Track Car by re-skinning the roof and giving it a tri-tone, single-stage paint scheme that's a tribute to Vic Edelbrock.

Aired: 01/11/2010

Muscle Car: MuscleCar Debate - Episode 092

Rick and Tommy debate the definition of the term "muscle car" while taking a look at some prime examples from the 60's, 70's, 80's and today. Learn how to give your car a 70's look with do-it-yourself paint tips.

Aired: 09/21/2009

Muscle Car: Project Street Fighter Hits the Road - Episode 091

Rick and Tommy finish up the '71 Cuda, then take it to the streets, and show it off at a local car show. Rick shows how to make a multi-purpose brake light test tool. In Flashback, take a ride in a 1964 Olds 442.

Aired: 08/15/2009

Muscle Car: Project Overkill Returns - Episode 090

Project Overkill, the '70 Challenger, returns for some finishing touches, then Rick and Tommy take it out for a long-awaited test drive. In Flashback, check out a 1984 Hurst Olds.

Aired: 08/8/2009

Muscle Car: Cuda Entertainment System - Episode 089

Project Street Fighter's interior comes together, including a full-blown custom audio/video system. In Flashback, take a wild ride in a 1967 Wildcat.

Aired: 08/1/2009

Muscle Car: Wheels, Chrome and Block Paint - Episode 088

Pick up some paint tech tips as Rick and Tommy show how to repaint an engine block, pinstripe wheels, and paint chrome.

Aired: 07/25/2009

Muscle Car: Quadrajet Rebuild - Episode 087

Learn everything you need to know about Quadrajet carburetors, including how to rebuild one correctly, what kind of performance to expect, and why they've gotten a bad rap. Plus, we'll show you how to apply do-it-yourself floor coating.

Aired: 07/18/2009

Muscle Car: Altered E-Go's Race Seats & TIG Welding - Episode 086

The '64 Comet drag car gets a fuel cell and some custom-fabbed aluminum racing seats designed and built by the MuscleCar team. An expert demonstrates how to be successful at aluminum TIG welding.

Aired: 07/11/2009

Muscle Car: Magnaflow Foose Mustang Part 2 - Episode 085

Rick and Tommy complete the Magnaflow Foose Mustang by installing a supercharger, shocks, lowering springs and brakes, then take it to the streets to see what it can do. Flashback celebrates 45 years of the Mustang by taking a look at how this American icon has evolved.

Aired: 07/4/2009

Muscle Car: Magnaflow Foose Mustang Part 1 - Episode 084

Chip Foose teams up with MuscleCar to turn a 2010 Mustang GT into the Magnaflow Foose Mustang. In part one, Chip creates a design, then joins Rick in the paint booth. And we install a Magnaflow cat-back exhaust, Roush body kit and Foose wheels.

Aired: 06/27/2009