Muscle Car: Oldsmobile Part 3 - Episode 138

The Oldsmobile gets planted onto the Art Morrison Chassis, and the guys do some customizing on the body including flush-mounting glass and shaving drip rails. Flashback takes a look at a classic Trans Am.

Aired: 03/3/2012

Muscle Car: Olds Powder Coat and Quarters - Episode 137

The guys get the Oldsmobile blasted, fix some gnarly quarter panels, and talk tech with the best chassis guy in the business. Also, Flashback takes a look at a super-fine 442.

Aired: 02/11/2012

Muscle Car: Is THIS Your Father’s Oldsmobile? - Episode 136

Tommy and Rick start a new project, hoping to build it with inspiration from the classic Hurst Edition Oldsmobiles. Also, Year One’s Braselton Bash, and the guys do a little paint-mixing wizardry.

Aired: 01/21/2012

Muscle Car: Dark Horse Stage 1 Complete! - Episode 135

The finishing touches are put on the Fox Body Mustang, Dark Horse, and then it heads to the track, where the guys run into some issues.

Aired: 01/14/2012

Muscle Car: Dark Horse Paint & Body - Episode 134

The Fox Body Mustang gets bodywork and paint, Rick and Tommy have fiberglass to fix, emblems to shave, and trim to strip down. Also, Flashback features a rare AMC.

Aired: 12/17/2011

Muscle Car: Dark Horse Interior Tear-Away - Episode 133

Rick and Tommy tear out Dark Horse’s interior to lighten its load, set it up with new wheels and tires, and weld in a roll cage. Altered E-Go gets prepped for track day by an old friend, and Rick does spot repair on a Camaro hood.

Aired: 11/19/2011

Muscle Car: Dark Horse Top End and Exhaust - Episode 132

Rick and Tommy give Dark Horse’s engine a top end and accessories and build a streetable exhaust system. Rick also demonstrates the difference between cast and forged aluminum wheels.

Aired: 11/5/2011

Muscle Car: Dark Horse/ Candy Paint Crash Course - Episode 131

Project Dark Horse gets a stroker motor and suspension upgrades, Tommy rebuilds a Posi-Track, and Rick gives a crash course on paint gun setup and spraying candies.

Aired: 10/22/2011

Muscle Car: Fox Body Pony – Part 1 - Episode 130

Tommy heads to the hills to save a wounded Pony. Buick fights back with a turbo that ain’t just whistling Dixie! And is that gold in them thar hills? Nah, just paint, and Rick’s gonna show you how to spray it.

Aired: 09/10/2011

Muscle Car: Project Limelight Goes For A Drive - Episode 129

Rick and Tommy take Limelight out for a spin and visit one of the biggest classic car shows in the country. Rick shows some of the biggest mistakes painters make on their own rides.

Aired: 08/13/2011

Muscle Car: Altered E-Go Custom Paint - Episode 128

Altered Ego, the 64 Comet, gets an old-school custom race car paint job. Rick and Tommy throw every trick in the book at this one – flake, candy, pinstriping, the works.

Aired: 08/6/2011

Muscle Car: Project Limelight Final Details - Episode 127

The 1970 Camaro RS/SS gets some finishing touches, then the guys pull an all-nighter getting the motor to start and run.

Aired: 06/11/2011

Muscle Car: Project Limelight Engine Accessories & Fiberglass Hood Paint - Episode 126

Project Limelight’s engine is decked out with the final details under the hood. Rick shows how to paint and install an aftermarket fiberglass hood on any car.

Aired: 06/4/2011

Muscle Car: Project Limelight Interior and Wiring - Episode 125

Learn how to install wiring and interior parts, including a bow-style headliner, as work continues on the 1970 Camaro. Rick shows how to re-foam and install seat covers on original seat frames.

Aired: 05/28/2011

Muscle Car: Project Limelight Paint, Stripes and Wheels Refurb - Episode 124

The 1970 Camaro RS/SS gets an era-appropriate coat of lime green, living up to the name Project Limelight! Learn how to refurbish an original set of painted steel wheels, including the trim rings. Find out how stripes are added over clear-coat.

Aired: 05/14/2011

Muscle Car: Project Limelight Engine and Transmission - Episode 123

Learn how a block is sleeved when the 396 engine for our 1970 Camaro RS/SS goes to the machine shop. Tommy shows some of the finer points of assembling an engine including file-fitting rings and measuring rod clearance. Rick explains how to convert an auto car to a 4-speed.

Aired: 05/7/2011