Muscle Car: Pro Street Dodge: It’s Business Time! - Episode 154

The Pro Street Dodge Dart, Project Business Time, is ready to drive. The guys show how to lock down your drag tires with a set of rim screws, then it’s taking the Dodge for a slow cruise to check for any problems. Flashback takes a look at another Dart with a tendency towards ‘swinging,’ and then Business Time finally hits the track.

Aired: 01/5/2013

Muscle Car: Pro-Street Dodge Odds and Ends - Episode 153

Business Time, the ’74 Pro Street Dodge Dart, gets buttoned down as many final details are seen to. Fluids, interior, glass, and a pile of other odds and ends all get the once over as the Dodge is almost ready to go.

Aired: 12/15/2012

Muscle Car: Pro-Street Dodge Paint and Graphics - Episode 152

Project Business Time, the 700 Horsepower Blown Pro-Street Dodge, goes from Black to Plastic to Primer to Painted. Learn how to use your computer to make graphics for your ride, and visit a huge Mustang and Shelby show.

Aired: 12/1/2012

Muscle Car: Bottom Dollar... Big Fixes - Episode 151

Tommy and Mank pick up a low-dollar mule that’s a prime candidate for some quickie improvements that make it run better, stop faster, and look better all at the same time. It’s freshening up a tired heap into a rejuvenated head turner.

Aired: 10/27/2012

Muscle Car: Pro-Street Dodge Floor Prep & Wiring - Episode 150

Project “Business Time,” a Pro-Streeted 1974 Dodge Dart, gets some floor preparations done along with wiring. Jamey Jordan stops by to perform some aluminum wizardry, and the guys take a trip to the world’s largest Shelby & Ford show.

Aired: 10/13/2012

Muscle Car: By Request Builds - Episode 149

Dive into your old carbeuretor, reinforce your suspension, re-cover your interior, and fix your dents! Steve, Tommy, and Rick take a crack at answering your e-mails…and show you how to fix those ‘personality quirks’ on your ride that rub you the wrong way.

Aired: 08/25/2012

Dodge Dart Fuel and Fire - Episode 148

The Pro-Street Dodge Dart ‘Project Business Time’ gets a fuel system to feed its blown Hemi, and the guys talk about safety & fire systems.

Aired: 09/22/2012

Muscle Car: Water-Based Hot Rod Flames - Episode 147

See how an Old-School Hot Rod flame paint job is done on a coupe... with a twist. This paint is the new-style water-based variety, and it can look every bit as cool as solvent-based graphics.

Aired: 08/25/2012

Muscle Car: Dodge Sheet Metal - Episode 146

After cutting most of the floor out of the Pro-Street Dodge Dart, the guys are ready to start putting metal back into it. Custom-mounting a set of bumpers and building a one-off exhaust will get the Dodge one step closer to prowling the streets.

Aired: 08/4/2012

Muscle Car: Blown Hemi Shoehorn - Episode 145

The Pro-Street Dodge Dart gets a Frankenmotor wedged into its engine bay, complete with a sky-high blower sticking way up out of the hood! Hollywood movie and tv car builder Steve Mank joins the crew and lends a helping hand.

Aired: 07/7/2012

Muscle Car: Basic Budget Builds and The Great Race - Episode 144

Tommy shows a couple of ways to save some cash by rebuilding a starter solenoid and an old set of drum brakes, and the guys prep a GTO for a timed rally-race with the concept of making it more reliable.

Aired: 06/2/2012

Muscle Car: Oldsmobile Rear Bumper Fab and Floor Pans - Episode 143

Tommy shows step-by-step how to do custom metal mods on the Hurst Tribute Oldsmobile’s rear bumper, and the guys do engine and tranny mock-up, where they find that some floor modifications have to be made.

Aired: 06/16/2012

Muscle Car: Pro Street Dodge Cage - Episode 142

Tommy and Rick cut up and burn in a drag-style cage kit for the ’74 Dodge Dart, Project Bisnisstime. And the Guys take a trip to a Mopar Graveyard.

Aired: 05/12/2012

Muscle Car: Dodge Suspension - Episode 141

Rick and Tom get a hankerin’ for some suspension work. They unbolt, chop, cut, measure, and install a whole new front and rear suspension set-up for the Dodge Dart, Project Bisnisstime, including some Pro help with a back-half kit from one of the leaders in the field. Tommy also hand-fabs a steel spoiler for the Oldsmobile.

Aired: 04/21/2012

Muscle Car: Big Bad Dodge! - Episode 140

Rick and Tom set their sights on a brand-new project, and they have some pretty hefty plans for an old Mopar. Some might consider it a less desirable model, but the guys just might change your mind when you see what they have in store.

Aired: 03/31/2012

Muscle Car: 427 Cobra and Factory Five Roadster - Episode 139

The crew from Factory Five Racing drops in and the guys upgrade one of their roadsters to put it to the test against a true-blue original 427 Cobra. Will an armed-to-the-teeth tribute be able to hang with a battle-tested race bred Shelby Classic?

Aired: 03/17/2012