Pipes and Pimps - Episode 206

Real Vice Cops Uncut takes you into the heart of the American Midwest. The hard-working folks of the Shelby County Sheriff's Department in Memphis, Tennessee love their city and want to see it vibrant, clean. Join their family's fight for justice in this thrilling episode. First, the Shelby County detectives serve a search warrant on a crack-dealing pimp who uses Craigslist to advertise his prostitutes. When the bust goes down, detectives find in the pimp's company two of his hookers as well as the mother of one of the hookers - and all are addicted to crack. When the sun goes down, we hit the streets with the Memphis detectives as they conduct surveillance on a local drug dealer and then nab him in a traffic stop and find the drugs hidden in his pants. Next, we join the Memphis detectives as they serve a narcotics search warrant on a motor-mouthed couple who have previously sold crack-cocaine to detectives and live across the street from an elementary school! Finally, we join the detectives as they conduct a night of "street enforcement" in a hot 'hood of Memphis, busting a repeat-offender, drug-slinging old man with ample marijuana and crack in his pimped-out SUV.

Aired: 03/26/2009