Million Dollar Money Pit - Episode 112

Hoping for the biggest score of their lives, Doug and Mike roll the dice and risk it all on a $1.6 million mansion. But they quickly realize that they're in over their heads when spiraling costs begin to bleed the duo dry.

Aired: 01/10/2012

Death Trap - Episode 111

Mike and Doug fall for a classic bait and switch when they buy a home with a great exterior but a very hazardous interior. Faced with the most dangerous situation of their careers, they struggle to get out of the money pit alive.

Aired: 01/3/2012

Mike Fights Doug - Episode 110

It's Flip Man versus Flip Man when Doug ignores Mike and overpays for a property with a mysterious dungeon

Aired: 12/20/2011

Maggot House - Episode 109

Insects, larva, and fungus are the least of their problems once Doug's recklessness drives Mike to walk off the job.

Aired: 12/13/2011

Sinking Home - Episode 108

Mike and Doug buy a home that may literally have the ground pulled out from under it.

Aired: 12/6/2011

Bombs Away - Episode 107

The only thing that overshadows the surprise of seeing a bomb shelter in their new home, is finding the source of the killer stench inside.

Aired: 12/6/2011

Suicide - Episode 106

After a bidding war, Mike and Doug end up purchasing a house with a shocking past.

Aired: 11/29/2011

Masturbation Station - Episode 105

A squatter uses Mike and Doug's new property for nocturnal activities.

Aired: 11/22/2011

Mystery House - Episode 104

Mike and Doug think they've struck gold with a house that needs minimal repair, that is until they experience something they've never had to deal with before...the unexpected return of the former home owner.

Aired: 11/15/2011

Flood House - Episode 103

Dealing with outdated decor becomes the least of Doug and Mike's problems once an act of vandalism floods their new home.

Aired: 11/8/2011

Gang House - Episode 102

Doug and Mike buy a boarded-up home in a shady part of town, only to find that it's been ransacked by a notorious street gang who still consider the place their personal club to hang out in.

Aired: 11/1/2011

Meth House - Episode 101

Doug and Mike buy a home sight unseen, but discover that it's a rundown, former meth lab. Before they begin the biggest renovation of their careers, they have to test to make sure that the toxic levels are within legal limits.

Aired: 10/25/2011