Dining Etiquette - Episode 308

Rules for eating beaver, drink more and pee less, and have sex as much as possible.

Aired: 02/28/2010 Available until: 02/4/2019

Listen to Yourself - Episode 307

What your balls say, stuff you squirt, and screw in some lightbulbs with your best friends.

Aired: 02/21/2010 Available until: 01/28/2019

Scream Inducers - Episode 306

Is she a virgin? Is she a screamer? Find out on Manswers.

Aired: 02/14/2010 Available until: 01/21/2019

Cell Phones and Drug Mules - Episode 305

How can your cell phone make boobs bigger? Plus, what's the fastest way to deflate a beach boner?

Aired: 02/7/2010 Available until: 01/14/2019

Hard Facts - Episode 304

What animal is most adept at choking the chicken? How can taking a piss cost fifty million dollars?

Aired: 01/31/2010 Available until: 01/7/2019

Getting Away With Murder - Episode 303

What's the best way to bribe a warlord? Can drug dogs get high? What drugs does she have in her medicine cabinet?

Aired: 01/17/2010 Available until: 12/24/2019

How to Stop a Bullet - Episode 302

How fat do you have to be to stop a bullet? What drink is most likely to get you into her pants? What's the best way to kick the crap out of somebody? How loud do speakers have to be to blow a girl's clothes off? What's the surefire ware to get your junk in that trunk?

Aired: 01/10/2010 Available until: 12/17/2019

A New Kind Of Car Wash - Episode 301

How can boobs wash your car? What is the secret to surviving an elephant attack? These and more on Manswers!

Aired: 01/6/2010 Available until: 12/13/2019