Win That - Episode 109

Manswers tells you how to make that hot stripper your girlfriend, plus answers questions like these: Can you get paid for getting tattoos? What smells turn girls on? Can you kill a bear with your hands?

Aired: 11/14/2007

The Most Excited - Episode 108

Can it be?? Are women with fake boobs hornier? Plus, schedule your next vacation as Manswers fills you in on the best whorehouses in America!

Aired: 09/20/2007

Fake vs. Real - Episode 107

Sure, you've wondered if boobs float. But what about real boobs vs. fake ones? Manswers brings you the hard science. Plus, where's the best place to get shot and what else can take a hemi?

Aired: 11/7/2007

What is Legal? - Episode 106

How small can that covering be before it's illegal? Plus, find out how long you can survive on beer alone and what can you tell about a woman by checking out her boobs?

Aired: 09/26/2007

Bullet Stoppers - Episode 105

Could those boob implants stop a bullet? If they can't, how about a samurai sword? Also, don't miss out on the sure fire way to escape from handcuffs and which animal is the gassiest!

Aired: 10/24/2007

The World's Largest Assets - Episode 104

Manswers searches the globe to find you the biggest globes! Plus, is there a time of day that women are most in the mood for sex? And is the death touch real?

Aired: 10/31/2007

The Test - Episode 103

Stay out of jail with this easy method to determine if she's a hooker or a cop. Also, stay out of the hospital with the best way to take a punch!

Aired: 10/17/2007

All's Well That Ends Happy - Episode 102

Find out how to get that Happy Ending from your favorite massage parlor and get the guaranteed ways to pass that drug test!

Aired: 10/3/2007

The Best Ever - Episode 101

Which girls are the best in bed? Manswers brings you the 411 and also shows you how to spot a narc and fix your bitchy girlfriend.

Aired: 10/10/2007