Extremes - Episode 213

Find out more about some of the world's most extreme sex fetishes. Plus, which animal can drink you under the table and what's the only guaranteed method to defuse a bomb?

Aired: 12/2/2008

Underwater Fun - Episode 212

What's the safest, and best, way to have sex underwater? Plus, what are three Ways to make money with a dead body and how can you literally get drunk on Grandpa?

Aired: 11/18/2008

Animals Who Like Attention - Episode 211

Besides humans, which animal engages in the world's oldest profession? Plus, breast size is on the rise. Just how much bigger have natural breasts gotten in the last 15 years?

Aired: 11/4/2008

Working Off - Episode 210

Which factory encouraged it's workers to visit Palmdale while working? And just how cold do you have to get before you can literally freeze your balls off?

Aired: 11/25/2008

Death by Rock - Episode 209

Careful not to rock too hard, or you just might end up dead! And speaking of dead, find out how to survive against a tiger attack with live saving tips from your friends at Manswers.

Aired: 11/11/2008

Reality Check - Episode 208

Manswers shows you how to check for saggy breasts before you get clothes off. Plus, what's faster, man or sperm? And how can you tell if that she is really a he?

Aired: 12/9/2008

Big Pimpin' - Episode 207

Forget your current job. When you find out how much a pimp can make you'll be changing careers for the better! Plus, what smell gets a chick in the mood?

Aired: 10/14/2008

An Incredible Beverage - Episode 206

Has Manswers just found yet another incredible use for your favorite beverage? Plus, find out the five cutest animals that can kill you and get the real down low on hookers who are down low - Midgets!

Aired: 10/1/2008

Hottest Beaches - Episode 205

Pack your bags. Manswers is taking you on a world tour of smokin' hot nude beaches! Then find out how to stretch your weed dollar by getting the highest you can.

Aired: 09/24/2008

Strange Addictions - Episode 204

The disease just might be worth the cure. Find out how some guys are whipping addiction! Then Manswers lets you know in which country chicks will spend the most time banging you. And what's more nutritious: cat or dog?

Aired: 10/28/2008

Military Grade - Episode 203

Sign your lady up in this military and she can get breast implants for free! And can you freeze your farts and smell them later? It's science. It's Manswers.

Aired: 10/7/2008

A Unique Lifesaver - Episode 202

CPR is down right nasty if it's on your buddy. Can you save him with just your farts instead? Plus, find out which country's ladies love to dole out oral sex and the location of the world's biggest strip club!

Aired: 09/17/2008

Outer Space - Episode 201

Manswers conducts the greatest science experiment ever and finds out how would giant boobs would behave on the moon! Then, find out how you can survive being hit by a car and how to save lives with your poo.

Aired: 09/17/2008