Helicopter Love and Dog Remains - Episode 410

How did a guy have sex while flying a helicopter? How many leeches does it take to drain the life out of a dude? Which vegetable can cause erectile dysfunction? The best way to clean up dog poop.

Aired: 02/2/2011

The Most Vicious Predator - Episode 409

The most vicious predator ever killed with bare hands. What type of dog attracts the ladies? How to binge drink without brain damage. The secret weapon to winning beer pong.

Aired: 02/2/2011

Nun Gangs and The Skinny Amish - Episode 408

How to increase pain tolerance by 200%. The secret that guarantees a babe will win a wet t-shirt contest. How can a toilet save a guy's life? How to increase your "size" by 40%. How many elevator farts does it take to kill?

Aired: 02/2/2011

Lightning Strikes and Cuddle Sprays - Episode 407

How an expert escaped being buried alive in a locked coffin. How can a guy survive being struck by lightning? The right bed can make your manhood bigger. What day are you most likely to die in a hospital?

Aired: 01/26/2011

Spiders and Salmon - Episode 406

Can you measure earthquakes with boobs? How did a guy take out his own appendix? Can you grill salmon on a hot babe's ass? The secret to total control of your testicles. What's the best day to shag a cougar?

Aired: 01/26/2011

Escaping Pythons - Episode 405

How a guy escaped the DEATH GRIP of a killer python. Can a laptop lower sperm count? The secret to getting in her pants. How can vodka save a life? How much water does it take to get a MANswer Girl clean?

Aired: 12/29/2010

Airplane Plane Hanger-On - Episode 404

Can a guy plug up a blown-out airplane window? How to become a professional porn star. How much Communion Wine does it take to get drunk? Which stall has the cleanest crapper?

Aired: 12/22/2010

The Kiss of Death - Episode 403

Sex while skydiving. Secrets to winning a fist fight in an elevator. How long does it take to eat a horse? Is the urban legend, "The Kiss of Death" for real? What's the slipperiest substance on earth?

Aired: 12/15/2010

Waterboarding and A Radioactive Suit - Episode 402

How a guy survived water boarding. How can a lap dance jump start a car? How to pick a combination lock with a beer can. How a guy escaped an ass-crunching garbage truck. Make a radiation-proof suit for under 5 bucks.

Aired: 12/8/2010

Shark Attack! - Episode 401

The secret to surviving a Great White Shark attack. A gun that makes people puke. What kind of people meat do cannibals prefer to eat? MANswer Girls uncover the best camouflage in the world. How can a guy get a free beer.

Aired: 12/5/2010