Xtreme Off-Road: Adventure Jeep Axles - Episode 070

The Adventure Jeep build continues, with custom 9" axles designed for serious wheeling.

Aired: 10/2/2016

Xtreme Off-Road: Nissan NV Diesel Engine - Episode 069

Our first-ever 4x4 van gets a Cummins 5.0L diesel engine and other upgrades.

Aired: 09/25/2016

Xtreme Off-Road: Adventure Jeep Body Mods - Episode 068

The Adventure Jeep receives heavy-duty body armor, and an easy-to-install pickup bed kit.

Aired: 09/4/2016

Xtreme Off-Road: Unlimited Off-Road Expo - Episode 067

Ian visits the Unlimited Off-Road Expo in Louisville….and does a Jeep JK build in front of a live audience!

Aired: 08/28/2016

Xtreme Off-Road: Jeep L J Hemi Swap - Episode 066

To get more power and performance, we swap the stock engine in our L J for a Hemi.

Aired: 08/7/2016

Xtreme Off-Road: Deluxe Denali - Episode 065

Our custom GMC Denali chase rig receives race truck-inspired bed storage and high-end off road lighting, then our Bronco gets an innovative fuel system.

Aired: 07/24/2016

Xtreme Off-Road: Suburban Survival: Body Mods - Episode 064

We modify the body of our survivalist Chevy to fit a custom-designed 6x6 driveline, then tear into the suspension of a ’16 GMC Denali!

Aired: 07/17/2016

Xtreme Off-Road: Buckin’ Bronco Back Half - Episode 063

Our Coyote-powered desert racer project continues, as we prep the chassis for a high-tech suspension setup.

Aired: 06/26/2016

Xtreme Off-Road: Moab Madness - Episode 062

It’s the ultimate field trip! We visit Moab for the 50th anniversary of the Easter Jeep Safari.

Aired: 06/19/2016

Xtreme Off-Road: Suburban Survival: 6x6 - Episode 061

Our post-apocalyptic Chevy gets even more “Xtreme” with not two, but three bomb-proof portal axles!

Aired: 06/5/2016

Xtreme Off-Road: Driveshaft 101 - Episode 060

Ian gives you all the info you need to build reliable, heavy-duty driveshafts for your off-road rig.

Aired: 05/22/2016

Xtreme Off-Road: Buckin’ Bronco - Episode 059

Our desert racer gets seats and safety belts designed for maximum comfort and safety. Plus, a custom welding cart that holds everything you need!

Aired: 05/8/2016

Xtreme Off-Road: Suburban Survival: Axles - Episode 058

Our "end-of-the-world" Suburban gets military-grade protal axles for maximum performance and reliability.

Aired: 04/17/2016

Xtreme Off-Road: Suburban Survival - Episode 057

We take a beat-up Suburban and outfit it with everything our inner survivalist could ever want!

Aired: 04/3/2016

Xtreme Off-Road: Discount Datsun On the Trail - Episode 056

Our $10k budget build flexes its muscle on the trail! You don’t have to have a big budget for big fun!

Aired: 02/21/2016

Xtreme Off-Road: Skinning the Buckin’ Bronco - Episode 055

Fresh sheet metal will make our Buckin’ Bronco desert racer look like the classic ’66 Ford. Plus: Our 1981 diesel pickup gets beefy drive shafts on the cheap!

Aired: 02/14/2016