Detroit Muscle: ’66 Mustang 5-Speed Fix - Episode 054

How to turn an automatic first-gen Mustang into a stickshift with overdrive.

Aired: 02/7/2016

Detroit Muscle: SEMA Mustang Thrash - Episode 053

Take a look at how SEMA cars are built just a couple of weeks out from the big show.

Aired: 01/31/2016

Detroit Muscle: Project Hemi-Hauler: Supercharger & Exhaust - Episode 052

Our 2013 Ram half-ton gasser gets a supercharger & high flow exhaust, plus hammer/dolly body tips.

Aired: 01/24/2016

Detroit Muscle: Low Buck Iroc Interior - Episode 051

The guys squeeze their budget and also do some free fixes to freshen up the budget Iroc’s interior, plus a road-trip test drive of the 2016 Camaro.

Aired: 01/17/2016

Detroit Muscle: Iroc and So Can You! - Episode 050

Detroit Muscle Undertakes a mission to squeeze everything that they can out of a tired Iroc Z, while staying on a strict budget.

Aired: 01/10/2016

Detroit Muscle: Mission: Transmission - Episode 049

The guys show tips and tricks on how to rebuild, upgrade and bulletproof a GM 700R4 automatic transmission.

Aired: 10/11/2015

Detroit Muscle: Rust Be Gone - Episode 048

How to replace quarter panels and fenders on a '68 Camaro with all-new sheetmetal, plus install a cowl hood.

Aired: 10/4/2015

Detroit Muscle: Fire In The Hole - Episode 047

We fire up Banana Split and install old school exhaust flame throwers plus how to get your college degree in racing.

Aired: 09/27/2015

Detroit Muscle: Pain in the Glass - Episode 045

It's tips on how to custom fabricate and fire-cut auto glass, plus tricks on how-to rebuild a manual window assembly.

Aired: 09/13/2015

Detroit Muscle: Hot Rod How-to: Interiors - Episode 044

Secrets on fabricating a custom interior and how muscle car sheet metal panels are made and tested.

Aired: 08/2/2015

Detroit Muscle: Mopar Makeovers - Episode 043

Team fabs high flow EFI fuel system, serpentine belt drive and dual fan cooling system for '70 Hemi Challenger.

Aired: 07/26/2015

Detroit Muscle: Athletic A-Body - Episode 041

Team tightens up Gen 2 Chevelle with 1" drop spindles, coil springs, sway bars and rear disc brake upgrade.

Aired: 07/12/2015

Detroit Muscle: Challenger Challenges - Episode 040

Resto-mod tech: how to refurbish an expensive grill, insulate a uni-body plus tips on reassembling brightwork.

Aired: 07/5/2015

Detroit Muscle: Flatheads Rule - Episode 039

Team transplants hopped up 3-duece flathead into old school custom plus how-to convert from 6 to 12 volt electrics.

Aired: 05/17/2015

Detroit Muscle: Project: Ultra Violet - Episode 038

Celebrity builder Chris Ryan shows how-to lay down metallic paint and graphics on our very purple Challenger.

Aired: 05/10/2015

Detroit Muscle: Gen 6 Mustang: Suspension - Episode 037

New Mustang gets trick independent rear suspension mods from Ford Racing to handle 600+ HP Coyote V8.

Aired: 05/3/2015