Detroit Muscle: Peaked and Shaved - Episode 032

How to customize a classic '49 Ford front end by bull-nosing and peaking the hood and building one-off bumpers.


Detroit Muscle: Shaker Secrets - Episode 031

The team shows how to find and install Mopar's iconic Shaker hood on 70 Hemi Challenger restomod.

Aired: 02/1/2015

Detroit Muscle: Custom Headlights & Trail Lamps - Episode 030

Hands on tech on how to graft in '55 Olds lamps, convert to 12v blue dot taillights and french-in license plate.

Aired: 01/25/2015

Detroit Muscle: Crazy Hemi - Episode 029

Team grafts world's first low deck, all aluninum Hemi and T56 six speed gearbox into '70 Challenger resto-mod.

Aired: 01/18/2015

Detroit Muscle: Punch Job - Episode 028

How to convert from manual door handles to electric door poppers and punch custom hood louvers in a vintage Ford.

Aired: 01/11/2015

Detroit Muscle: Project Ultra Violet: Body Beautiful - Episode 023

Final Mopar sheet metal tech - how to weld in a new trunk pan and fabricate a front cowl panel from scratch.

Aired: 10/19/2014

Detroit Muscle: Project Ultra Violet: Framed - Episode 022

Chassis guru Jeff Schwartz brings in his G-Machine chassis to convert uni-body Challenger to a full frame.

Aired: 10/12/2014

Detroit Muscle: Project Ultra Violet: Roof Skin - Episode 021

Team salvages rotted out '70 Challenger with how-to weld in a new metal roof, drip rails and A-pillars.

Aired: 10/5/2014

Detroit Muscle: Hurst Olds: Aluminum Air Box - Episode 019

How to fabricate a custom functional aluminum forced-air intake system to feed our LSX 454.

Aired: 08/10/2014

Detroit Muscle: Hurst Olds: Panel Gap Perfection - Episode 018

Long term Hurst Olds project returns for sheet metal tech: how-to create perfect hood, fender and door gaps.

Aired: 07/13/2014

Detroit Muscle: Glass Tech 101 - Episode 017

Tech secrets, tips and techniques on how-to restore, repair, and replace automotive glass.

Aired: 07/27/2014

Detroit Muscle: Go With the Flow: Performance Pump Tech - Episode 016

Money Saving How-To: rebuilding fuel, water and oil pumps for more muscle car performance and reliability.

Aired: 07/20/2014

Detroit Muscle: 427 Cobra Replica: All Girls Build - Episode 016

Top auto industry females build a replica of the legendary 427 Cobra with a Factory Five Racing Mark lV Roadster kit.

Aired: 06/18/2014

Detroit Muscle: Plain Pony to Fastback - Episode 015

Mustang guru Alan Shepley and the guys perform major cosmetic surgery converting a stock '67 coupe into an iconic fastback.

Aired: 05/11/2014

Detroit Muscle: Grocery Gladiator: Smooth Shave - Episode 015

We lower our Dodge wagon, shave its roof rack, install a fresh air hood and apply an accent paint job.

Aired: 07/13/2014

Detroit Muscle: Grocery Gladiator: Blown Magnum - Episode 014

The guys supercharge and upgrade exhaust turning a plain Jane Dodge Magnum wagon into a stealthy street fighter.

Aired: 07/13/2014