Engine Power: In House Power Mouse: Stage II - Episode 051

Stage II ofour small block Chevy build get's block modifications and a competition rotating assembly to complete a solid shortblock.

Aired: 01/17/2016

Engine Power: In House Power Mouse: Stage I - Episode 050

The first of a 3 stage build of the durable small block Chevy. A back to basics 355 inch powerplant that makes great reliable power for under 4000 bucks.

Aired: 01/10/2016

Engine Power: Galaxie Teardown - Episode 049

Team preps survivor '63 Galaxie for 1/2 mile assault by making room for our turbo’d Black & Blue 347.

Aired: 10/11/2015

Engine Power: Nitrous Big Block Ford - Episode 048

Pat and Mike button up their 557" Ford stroker and add a healthy dose of nitrous on the dyno.

Aired: 10/4/2015

Engine Power: 460 To The Max - Episode 047

We stretch a Ford big block to 557 cubes and flog our Power Stop Z06 at the new Corvette racetrack.

Aired: 09/27/2015

Engine Power: Bracket Blaster 572 - Episode 045

Pat and Mike freshen a 572 with a radical cam swap and test a hi-rise intake verses a dual-quad tunnel ram.

Aired: 09/13/2015

Engine Power: PowerStop Z06: Supercharged - Episode 044

Supercharging a 2008 Z06 and adding Z26 performance brake package to out perform the new $90,000 Z06 Corvette.

Aired: 08/2/2015

Engine Power: Supercar Slayer: PowerStop Z06 - Episode 043

C6 Z06 gets new Track Day brake package, suspension upgrades, sticky tires plus get more LS7 power with long-tube headers.

Aired: 07/26/2015

Engine Power: Tips & Tricks - Episode 041

Engine dyno tuning fact and fiction, performance piston technology and how to build the ultimate engine stand.

Aired: 07/12/2015

Engine Power: Project 242: AMC Jeep Six - Episode 040

Pat and Mike rebuild and hop up a 4.0L Jeep straight six with trick cam, modified intake and aluminum head.

Aired: 07/5/2015

Engine Power: Race Track Tuning - Episode 039

Team dials in Lime Dime drag truck at the strip with how to set up the trans brake, ladder bar suspension and NOS.

Aired: 05/17/2015

Engine Power: Project: Dirt Devil Chevy - Episode 038

Pat and Mike reveal secrets on how to build a winning all-iron Chevy small block for dirt track racing.

Aired: 05/10/2015

Engine Power: Rattle Can Rod: Power - Episode 037

Mike and Pat install reengineered drive-train in '33 FFR hot rod kit and test it for Duplicolor sweepstakes.

Aired: 05/3/2015

Engine Power: Rattle Can Rod: Roller - Episode 036

Pat and Mike team up with Duplicolor to build old skool street rod with Factory Five Racing's '33 hot rod kit.

Aired: 04/26/2015

Engine Power: Black & Blue Stage II - Episode 035

Team tests the limits of Ford's 5.0L block with big compression, solid roller cam and 8000 RPM dyno runs.

Aired: 04/19/2015

Engine Power: Black & Blue Stage I - Episode 034

Team makes big street/strip power on a budget by stroking a stock 5.0L small block Ford to 347.

Aired: 04/12/2015