Truck Tech: C10 Gets Fired Up - Episode 070

Our '71 C10 goes t hrough final assembly and fire up, plus how to turn a vintage Cadillax bench into a tuck and roll couch for yoru man-cave.

Aired: 10/2/2016

Truck Tech: Project Basket Case: Custom cut glass & final assembly - Episode 069

A chopped top begs for a custom cut windshield, Glass Guy Chicago will show us how it's done. Plus the rest of the truck is assembled before the big payoff & auction.

Aired: 09/18/2016

Truck Tech: Emissions Mission, C10 Faux-tina paint - Episode 068

Fail an emissions test? Quick fixes to get you passed. Plus our C10 gets painted to look old with fauxtina treatment.

Aired: 09/4/2016

Truck Tech: 71 C10 interior & bed assembly - Episode 067

Our C10 Chevy gets bed assembled, cut for exhaust exits and a fresh interior. Plus relocating the gas filler by shaving the factory hole.

Aired: 08/21/2016

Truck Tech: Project Basket Case - Custom Interior - Episode 066

How to turn junkyard bucket seats into show-quality upholstery for our F100. Plus how low-cost sheet metal can transform your old pick up bed.

Aired: 08/7/2016

Truck Tech: ’71 C10 Rust Repair & Final Assembly - Episode 065

'Our class C10 Chevy gets treated to rust repair and a painted firewall before prepping for paint as a fully assembled truck.

Aired: 07/24/2016

Truck Tech: Basket Case Wiring & C10 Plumbing, Exhaust - Episode 064

Basket case is wired bumper-to-bumper while the Chevy C10 is plumbed and given a custom cutout exhaust.

Aired: 07/10/2016

Truck Tech: JK Wrangler Upgrades PT. II & Basket Case wood bed - Episode 063

Our Jeep gets LED's before hitting the trail, and Jeremy uses his custom paint skills to add a unique color treatment to the pick-up's wood bed.

Aired: 07/3/2016

Truck Tech: Painting Project Basket Case - Episode 062

Team assembles the chassis for our classic F-100, which then gets custom paint.

Aired: 06/12/2016

Truck Tech: White Noize Gets Forced Induction - Episode 061

Our sleeper Silverado is awakened with the addition of a turbocharger, four-inch exhaust and more.

Aired: 05/29/2016

Truck Tech: White Noize Drivetrain Upgrades - Episode 060

The sleeper Silverado returns for a trans swap and axle upgrades, including Gearing 101.

Aired: 05/15/2016

Truck Tech: Project Basket Case Intercooler Fab & Frame Paint - Episode 059

Our Ecoboost-powered ’55 F100 gets a custom-fabricated intercooler and the frame is treated to a full-on paint job.

Aired: 05/1/2016

Truck Tech: Project C-10 - Reassembly - Episode 058

This classic pickup returns for custom brakes, fuel system plus cab repair.

Aired: 04/24/2016

Truck Tech: JK Wrangler Upgrades - Episode 057

A boring 4 door Jeep is turned into a dual purpose fun wagon with lift, performance tune, exhaust and more.

Aired: 04/3/2016

Truck Tech: ’71 C-10 Part 1 - Episode 056

A classic C-10 is introduced and treated to air suspension on all four corners.

Aired: 02/21/2016

Truck Tech: Hemi Hauler Payoff - Episode 055

After major intake upgrades, lowering kit and more the ’13 Ram is back for stereo upgrades, lights and payoff.

Aired: 02/14/2016