Truck Tech: Custom 9" Rear Gear - Episode 028

How to build and hang a custom 9" Ford rear end and big brakes to handle turbocharged Eco Boost V6.

Aired: 01/11/2015

Truck Tech: Project Basket Case: Eco Boost - Episode 027

How to fabricate custom motor mounts to swap an Eco Boost V6 and Tremec 5 speed into a classic F100.

Aired: 01/4/2015

Truck Tech: F100 Basket Case: Hot Rod Classic - Episode 023

Classic 1955 Ford pickup gets modern custom chassis to hold turbocharged Eco-Boost from a modern F150.

Aired: 10/19/2014

Truck Tech: Classic Chevy/Modern Ford - Episode 022

A '54 five window Chevy gets cooling system upgrade and team dyno tunes 75 extra ponies from EcoBoost V6.

Aired: 08/10/2014

Truck Tech: Hemi JK: Payoff - Episode 021

Hemi Jeep gets Dana 44s with air lockers then a payoff in the rough with off-road suspension designer Rusty Megois.

Aired: 10/5/2014

Truck Tech: "Lime Dime": Pro Street Prep - Episode 020

Team fabs S10 with street/strip chassis mods, cage and big brakes to cradle nitrous fed Chevy big block.

Aired: 09/28/2014

Truck Tech: "Super Dually": The Payoff - Episode 019

Hybrid six wheel Ford body/Dodge Cummins diesel rolls out of the shop for its maiden asphalt twisting payoff.

Aired: 08/10/2014

Truck Tech: Hemi JK: Rock Ready - Episode 018

We complete our V8 Hemi Wrangler project making it trail ready with big brakes, rock sliders, bulletproof bumpers and tire carrier.

Aired: 08/3/2014

Truck Tech: Senior Silverado: Out on the Streets - Episode 017

Low buck Chevy Sport Truck gets shake down on the street after converting from open diff to limited slip.

Aired: 07/27/2014

Truck Tech: "Hemi JK": Mid-Arm Articulation - Episode 016

How-to lift our Hemi Jeep with mid-arm suspension and a Dana 44 front diff for more articulation and grip.

Aired: 07/20/2014

Truck Tech: "Hemi JK": V8 Swap Completion

Truck Tech: "Hemi JK": V8 Swap Completion - Episode 015

Tech details on completing a Jeep Hemi engine swap with how-to integrate new cooling, fuel, electrical and exhaust systems.

Aired: 07/20/2014

Truck Tech: "Hemi JK": V6 to V8 Swap - Episode 014

How-to man-up a Jeep Wrangler by plucking out the anemic 3.8L V6 and replacing it with a late model Hemi V8.

Aired: 07/13/2014

Truck Tech: Senior Silverado: Drivetrain Finale - Episode 013

Failsafe tech on how-to swap in, and dial in a street performance automatic transmission and complete the driveline.

Aired: 06/8/2014

Truck Tech: 4 Speed Tutorial: GM's 4L60-E - Episode 012

What you need to know about how to rebuild and upgrade GM's 4L60E four speed automatic overdrive transmission.

Aired: 06/1/2014

Truck Tech: Senior Silverado: Heart Transplant - Episode 011

The 350 in our 260,000 mile Chevy gets yanked out and replaced with a 383 Stroker crate short block, hot cam and new EFI.

Aired: 05/4/2014

Truck Tech: Senior Silverado: Perfect Paint Prep - Episode 010

The guys show how and why pre-paint body work and surface prepare the secret behind achieving a killer paint job.

Aired: 05/18/2014