Bomb Baby! - Episode 113

The Savage Family is on the hunt to unearth a hidden cold war bunker in Miami. Will they find a treasure trove of Russian relics or bust in the bunker?

Aired: 04/13/2013

The Original, Original Sin City - Episode 112

The Savage Family digs a bayou that was key in prohibition liquor smuggling. Will they hit it big, or will the water sink their expensive equipment?

Aired: 04/13/2013

Dr. Quarantine - Episode 111

Team Savage cancels a Civil War dig when they get a hot new tip. Will they find treasure at an abandoned Marine hospital, or should they have stuck with the plan?

Aired: 04/6/2013

Mormon War - Episode 110

Team Savage braves the elements for relics from the Mormon War of 1838. But what happens when gun-toting townsfolk don’t want their history dug up?

Aired: 03/30/2013

In Perfect Harmony - Episode 109

The Savage family goes digging with a surprising partner: acclaimed actor Bill Paxton. Will they hit pay dirt at a former socialist commune? Or will the star-struck Savages strike out?

Aired: 03/23/2013

Virginia Is For Prisoners - Episode 108

A friend inspires the team to dig for WWII relics – on American soil! But first Ric has to convince some VA Beach store owners that Axis Powers artifacts may lay on their land.

Aired: 03/16/2013

Fear No Evil - Episode 107

Team Savage goes back to its roots: a Civil War dig. Ric thinks he found virgin ARZ near the site of the Battle of Fort Fisher - but have other diggers already picked it clean?

Aired: 03/9/2013

Mansion Money - Episode 106

A chance encounter leads Ric to dig a luxurious American castle in Newport, Rhode Island. But has this flashy property seduced the team into an unprepared dig?

Aired: 03/2/2013

The Real Moby Dick - Episode 105

The team comes up empty in a historic whaling town. But Captain Ric refuses to give up and leads his crew on a last ditch effort to uncover whaling history.

Aired: 02/20/2013

Pirate's Booty Calls - Episode 104

Rick and family brave an unforgiving ocean in search of the pirate Blackbeard’s treasure, which lies on the bottom of the sea somewhere off the coast of North Carolina. Finds: blunderbuss, canon ball, & precious gems.

Aired: 02/13/2013

America's First Fight Club - Episode 103

Rick drags his dubious family on a mission to dig up the basement of a legendary Southie bar in search of artifacts from Boston’s bareknuckle boxing past. Finds: brass knuckles, ringbell, and an early portable camera.

Aired: 02/6/2013

History Of Hookers - Episode 102

After a failed dig, Rick drags the family to New Orleans’ original red light district in search of old brothels. Rookie Nick’s poor work ethic angers his brother. Finds: Antique Rolex, Condom tin, relics worth thousands!

Aired: 01/30/2013

Devil Dug Down To Georgia - Episode 101

The family digs for Civil War artifacts on a Savannah plantation rumored to be haunted. Creepy locals & eerie problems put the Savages on edge. Finds: Civil War relics, bones, and ghosts.

Aired: 01/30/2013