Bomb Baby! - Episode 113

The Savage Family is on the hunt to unearth a hidden cold war bunker in Miami. Will they find a treasure trove of Russian relics or bust in the bunker?

Aired: 04/13/2013

Dr. Quarantine - Episode 111

Team Savage cancels a Civil War dig when they get a hot new tip. Will they find treasure at an abandoned Marine hospital, or should they have stuck with the plan?

Aired: 04/6/2013

Mormon War - Episode 110

Team Savage braves the elements for relics from the Mormon War of 1838. But what happens when gun-toting townsfolk don’t want their history dug up?

Aired: 03/30/2013

In Perfect Harmony - Episode 109

The Savage family goes digging with a surprising partner: acclaimed actor Bill Paxton. Will they hit pay dirt at a former socialist commune? Or will the star-struck Savages strike out?

Aired: 03/23/2013

Virginia Is For Prisoners - Episode 108

A friend inspires the team to dig for WWII relics – on American soil! But first Ric has to convince some VA Beach store owners that Axis Powers artifacts may lay on their land.

Aired: 03/16/2013

Fear No Evil - Episode 107

Team Savage goes back to its roots: a Civil War dig. Ric thinks he found virgin ARZ near the site of the Battle of Fort Fisher - but have other diggers already picked it clean?

Aired: 03/9/2013

Mansion Money - Episode 106

A chance encounter leads Ric to dig a luxurious American castle in Newport, Rhode Island. But has this flashy property seduced the team into an unprepared dig?

Aired: 03/2/2013

The Real Moby Dick - Episode 105

The team comes up empty in a historic whaling town. But Captain Ric refuses to give up and leads his crew on a last ditch effort to uncover whaling history.

Aired: 02/20/2013

America's First Fight Club - Episode 103

Rick drags his dubious family on a mission to dig up the basement of a legendary Southie bar in search of artifacts from Boston’s bareknuckle boxing past. Finds: brass knuckles, ringbell, and an early portable camera.

Aired: 02/6/2013

History Of Hookers - Episode 102

After a failed dig, Rick drags the family to New Orleans’ original red light district in search of old brothels. Rookie Nick’s poor work ethic angers his brother. Finds: Antique Rolex, Condom tin, relics worth thousands!

Aired: 01/30/2013

Devil Dug Down To Georgia - Episode 101

The family digs for Civil War artifacts on a Savannah plantation rumored to be haunted. Creepy locals & eerie problems put the Savages on edge. Finds: Civil War relics, bones, and ghosts.

Aired: 01/30/2013