The Reveal - Episode 110

Chase goes on a spiritual quest with his llama & tracks down his own fugitive. He discovers a secret his wife has been keeping. A winner is announced, the deception is revealed & Chase reacts in a way no one expected.

Aired: 03/9/2013

The Rise Of The Lamas - Episode 109

Chase must make a decision that affects the life of a fellow contestant. A previously evicted competitor returns & Chase must conquer a deep fear. Then a wife, a handicapped man & a priest walk into a fake reality show.

Aired: 03/2/2013

Fear No Evil - Episode 108

Chase and the cast must face their deepest fears. Chase helps Jake make a new commercial for his company. In a shocking twist, the producers put the power of the show completely in Chase’s hands.

Aired: 02/23/2013

Is That A Gun In Your Pocket? - Episode 107

Skylar hears a message from her dead husband that sends shockwaves through Chase. Wanda gives an arousing lesson in frisking and Randy returns the favor in the hot tub.

Aired: 02/16/2013

An Actor Among Us! - Episode 106

Chase suspects a set-up and the producers try to keep the entire show from falling apart. An urn goes missing and feces is found. Jake is shattered when an eviction goes wrong.

Aired: 02/9/2013

Bring Your Convict To Work Day - Episode 105

Chase is chained to a convict from a local prison. Stan gets violated, and Allison unleashes a tsunami of rage. The entire show is put in jeopardy when Chase’s convict makes a run for it.

Aired: 02/2/2013

Say Hey to Ray Ray - Episode 104

Chase helps Lavernius reveal his secret to the group. Chase's ability to remain calm is tested in the face of snakes, drugs, and boobs. A shocking eviction ceremony rocks Chase. Randy invites Lavernius to a spit roast.

Aired: 01/22/2013

Schmo In The Wild - Episode 103

A challenge goes wrong and sends a bloody Chase to the hospital. Skylar confides in Chase and sends him down an awkward rainbow colored spiral. Jake uncovers some personal intel about Chase. Plus, a filthy beaver gets wet in front of everyone.

Aired: 01/15/2013

A Date With Lady Justice - Episode 102

A shocking revelation tests Chase’s loyalty. Lorenzo Lamas pushes his own banana hammock. And the most insane eviction ceremony ever: flame throwers, wild animals & a 60ft tall woman! Will Chase realize it’s all FAKE?

Aired: 01/8/2013

The Bounty Begins - Episode 101

A guy is thrust into a FAKE reality show thinking he’ll become a REAL bounty hunter and win $100k. The cast confronts stun guns, a vicious dog and a groping Shaman. Lorenzo Lamas also reveals his scrotal health secret!

Aired: 01/8/2013