Craft Dinner - Episode 108

Jason and Bryan try their luck in Sin City, where they hope to turn vintage Vegas-themed knickknacks and a CD collection into a jackpot.

Aired: 03/15/2014

The Good, the Rad, and the Ugly! - Episode 107

The guys visit Las Vegas and Boulder City for thrifted finds. Jason discovers a rare jacket from the cult 1986 film “RAD,” but the guys face an uphill battle bartering for it.

Aired: 01/18/2014

Black Velvet If You Please - Episode 106

Jason and Bryan head to the Arizona desert in search of hot finds. Bryan struggles to make a deal on a set of 1960’s Disney educational cards, and Jason finds a black velvet painting.

Aired: 02/8/2014

Name Your Price - Episode 105

The guys head to Arizona in search of hot desert deals, but things get heated when Jason and a store employee negotiate the price of a framed “Alice in Wonderland” poster.

Aired: 03/1/2014

What's The Skinny - Episode 104

Jason and Bryan head south to rural Georgia to thrift with pal Christina. The hunt lands them a book on Kewpie dolls and some Warner Brothers tree ornaments.

Aired: 01/25/2014

A Georgian Estate of Mind - Episode 103

The thrifters head to Georgia in search of classic Americana, and Jason gets a taste of local history when he uncovers a rare pair of “Gone With the Wind” tickets.

Aired: 02/22/2014

It Takes A Village - Episode 102

Jason and Bryan take a risk in Las Vegas and discover a vintage “Star Wars” jacket at an estate sale. And at home, Jason discovers a rare Tiki mug hidden in his garage.

Aired: 02/1/2014

Viva Las Vintage - Episode 101

Jason and Bryan scour Las Vegas for unexpected treasure, and their patience is rewarded in the form of a Route 66 travel bag and a vintage Smith Corona typewriter.

Aired: 02/15/2014