Bikini Bust - Episode 210

Feuding bikini-clad bartenders, and an owner more content to party than manage have driven Orange, California sports bar Extremes into the red.

Aired: 09/30/2012

On the Rocks - Episode 209

Jon is sought to stop former smoker’s haven, Rocks, in Laguna Nigel, California, from getting snuffed out. But a rowdy cast of regulars aren't ready to surrender their hangout.

Aired: 09/9/2012

Owner Ousted - Episode 208

Navy vet Barry Rogers returned from service to buy a biker bar in Ohio, but his lack of industry experience and the bar’s prior reputation make for a difficult rescue.

Aired: 09/16/2012

Weber's of Lies - Episode 207

Jon must conquer a culture of theft and a resigned owner in order to rescue California music venue Weber’s Place.

Aired: 09/9/2012

Broke Black Sheep - Episode 206

Jon heads to Cheviot, Ohio to rescue family-run bar The Black Sheep, but is in for an unpleasant surprise when he learns the truth about the bar’s debt.

Aired: 09/16/2012

Bottomless Pit - Episode 205

Jon is called to Orange, CA to rescue 40 year-old dive bar, The Olive Pit. To save the bar, he must decide if owner Tim should serve as manager, or cede power to daughter Tracy.

Aired: 08/19/2012

Mystique or Murder? - Episode 204

In order to save Mystique Lounge in West Palm Beach, Florida, Jon must restore the club’s reputation, which was destroyed after a club-goer was fatally shot.

Aired: 08/12/2012

Murphy's Mess - Episode 203

Jon visits Fells Point, MD to revamp J.A. Murphys, a dive bar owned by two frat brothers. Things take a scary turn when Jon learns that the building is on the verge of collapse.

Aired: 08/5/2012

Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Dumb - Episode 203

Jon is sought to stop Silver Spring, MD bar Piratz Tavern from walking the plank. But mutiny is in the air when Jon forces the staff to cater to the city’s corporate clientele.

Aired: 08/19/2012

Tiki Curse - Episode 202

It’s hardly a day at the beach for owner Frank and his Fort Lauderdale haunt, The Bamboo Beach Tiki Bar. Jon has been tasked with restoring order before sunstroke sets in.

Aired: 07/29/2012