Meat Sauna - Episode 310

Jon goes to Arizona comedy club Stand-Up Scottsdale to properly ventilate a "meat sauna," transform a comic into a competent manager, and to save the business.

Aired: 04/14/2013

A Horse Walks Into A Bar - Episode 309

Scott and Donna are on the brink of foreclosure with their Arizona bar Kid Chilleen’s. Jon must restore order, and evict the bar’s equine and biker visitors to save the business.

Aired: 04/7/2013

Karaoke Katastrophe - Episode 308

Jon heads to California to revive Dimples, America’s first karaoke bar. But resistance from an angry chef, and a lascivious, memorabilia-hoarding owner complicate the rescue.

Aired: 03/31/2013

In A Pinch - Episode 307

Lona's Wardlow Station has locals upset over a controversial lobster tank game. To bring this bar back from the brink, Jon must revamp décor and teach Lona to manage her staff.

Aired: 03/24/2013

Jon T, He Don't Like It - Episode 306

The Kasbah in Aurora, Colorado was once an urban hotspot. Now, Jon must help owner Shelton find a new, less rowdy customer base before the club plays its final tune.

Aired: 03/17/2013

Empty Pockets - Episode 305

Jon goes to Denver, Colorado to aid a pool hall owned by proud immigrant owner Ami. But the rescue is complicated by Ami’s pride, and his past issues with former employees.

Aired: 03/10/2013

Tears For Beers - Episode 304

Tim and Sara purchased Austin, Texas bar The Brixton, but managing this terminally hip bar is driving the couple into deep debt and possibly divorce.

Aired: 03/3/2013

Rock N Roaches - Episode 303

Jon Taffer must contend with roaches and raunchy performances in his mission to rescue fetish-themed tiki and rock bar Headhunters in Austin, Texas.

Aired: 02/17/2013

Bro's Got To Geaux! - Episode 302

In order to rescue TJ Quills, a New Orleans dive with a reputation for serving minors, Jon must convince owner Darian to curb his frat boy ways and manage his bartender buddies.

Aired: 02/24/2013

Turtle On Its Back - Episode 301

In order to save failing New Orleans bar Turtle Bay, Jon Taffer must help owner Brad find the bar’s place on highly-competitive Bourbon St. before it’s too late.

Aired: 02/10/2013

Hurricane Jon Vs Hurricane Sandy - Episode 300

Jon is tasked with his biggest challenge yet: rebuilding Hurricane Sandy stricken Bungalow Bar, in Rockaway, NY. And as the summer season approaches, time is of the essence.

Aired: 10/27/2013