Hogtied Ham's - Episode 110

Jon must corral angry owners, and convince stonewalling city officials not to tap the breaks on a liquor license in order to save Massachusetts auto-themed bar Angry Ham's Garage.

Aired: 09/25/2011

Bar Fight - Episode 109

Baseball player turned bar owner Pauly Ambrus embraced the “Cheers” narrative when he bought the Canyon Inn, but now Jon Taffer must help get this slumping bar back on track.

Aired: 09/18/2011

Bad to the Bone - Episode 109

Jon Taffer heads to Boston to help Bill, a customer-turned-owner of The Chicken Bone. Bill’s lack of industry experience has driven the bar – and his temper with staff -- into the red.

Aired: 09/11/2011

Chumps - Episode 108

Jon Taffer attempts to take dated Burbank sports bar Champs out of retirement. To do that, he'll need owner Joe to take control of his over-pouring, raucous bartenders.

Aired: 09/11/2011

Swanky Troubles - Episode 105

Swanky Bubbles is a Philadelphia champagne bar that has fizzled out. Jon Taffer must revamp a sprawling menu, a bad layout, and corral a womanizing co-owner to right the ship.

Aired: 08/14/2011

Beach Bummer - Episode 104

Jon Taffer visits Redondo Beach, CA, to revitalize Kilkenny’s, an Irish pub on a pier. Owner Allie's relationship with failing bar manager Carlos complicates Taffer's task.

Aired: 08/7/2011

Shabby Abbey - Episode 103

The Abbey Pub in Chicago is on its last legs. In order to restore this famed music venue, Jon Taffer must reunite sibling managers who don't see eye-to eye.

Aired: 07/31/2011

The Blue Frog Sings the Blues - Episode 103

Jon visits The Blue Frog 22 in Chicago, and discovers that in addition to needing an aesthetic overhaul, the bar’s feuding mother and son owners need a relationship makeover.

Aired: 08/14/2011

Downey's and Out - Episode 102

Jon Taffer heads to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to breathe new life into failing Irish pub Downey’s. Taffer is tasked with reinvigorating owner Dom, a one-time star chef.

Aired: 07/24/2011

Fallen Angels - Episode 102

Bar expert Jon Taffer heads to Angels, a failing biker bar in Corona California, in order to revamp a rowdy clientele and an establishment that's more strip club than cocktail bar.

Aired: 08/7/2011