Two Million Dollar Dead Drop - Episode 207

A captured fugitive puts agents on the trail of a multi-million dollar cocaine dead drop, and a dangerous undercover operation leads group 5-6 to a major New Jersey ecstasy trafficker, operating out of a highly fortified suburban mansion.

Aired: 03/24/2009

Drug Dealing Deli - Episode 206

A flipped crack house customer leads the DEA to a New Jersey Deli suspected to be the primary supplier of high grade hydro weed for an Essex County neighborhood. Infiltrating the inner circle of customers becomes deadly as dealers get wind of the investigation, leaving the entire case hanging in the balance.

Aired: 03/17/2009

Flip the Stripper - Episode 205

DEA Group 5-6 attempts to flip a stripper, ultimately risking her life to turn against her coke dealing boyfriend. And, Special Agent Bob Stevens goes on a dangerous undercover mission to deliver a million dollars worth of coke to a dangerous New Jersey drug ring.

Aired: 03/10/2009

The Million Dollar Money Drop - Episode 204

DEA Group 5-6 flips a fugitive murder suspect who gives up the location of the Bloods Street Gang's money stash house. Agents then set their sights on an even bigger target: A California based drug syndicate planning a million dollar money drop.

Aired: 03/3/2009

DEA vs. The Juarez Cartel - Episode 203

Newark's Group 5-6 coerces a father to flip his son leading to a global investigation of the Juarez Cartel, ending in a seizure of a record-breaking $11 million dollars worth of meth bound for the East Coast.

Aired: 02/24/2009

Showdown with the Columbian Drug Cartel - Episode 202

Special Agent Sammy DelGato of DEA's Group 5-6 puts his life at risk when he goes undercover in a high risk operation that culminates in a deadly showdown with violent Columbian drug traffickers.

Aired: 02/17/2009

The Six Million Dollar Heroin Bust - Episode 201

DEA Group 5-6 uses cutting edge weaponry, sophisticated surveillance tech and a state of the art Air Wing division to target a stash house run by a ruthless multi-million dollar heroin syndicate.

Aired: 02/10/2009