Marijuana Grow House - Episode 106

Winter comes to Detroit and DEA Group 14 takes part in a city wide operation to shutdown dope houses near local schools. The agents use thermal imaging to target a sophisticated marijuana grow house and mount a daring plan to put it out of commission.

Aired: 05/7/2008

Deep Cover - Episode 105

DEA Special Agent John Greer puts his life in the hands of confidential informant when he goes deep undercover to infiltrate an international Ecstasy distribution ring, operating in Detroit. The case brings John face to face with one of the city's most dangerous drug kingpins.

Aired: 04/30/2008

Up the Ladder - Episode 104

DEA Group 14 mounts a series of undercover missions and daring raids targeting violent citywide dope rings. Sophisticated, brutal and armed to the teeth, these organizations are among some of the deadliest foes Group 14 has ever encountered.

Aired: 04/23/2008

Operation Pill Grinder - Episode 103

Group 14 joins forces with a special DEA task force mounting a massive citywide operation requiring eight simultaneous raids and spilt second timing. Their target is a heavily armed ecstasy distribution network reeking havoc in the street of Detroit.

Aired: 04/16/2008

Deadly Chase - Episode 102

A routine traffic stop goes bad, and a high speed chase sets off a dangerous chain of events that lead agents to a deadly standoff with 2 dope dealers, an escaped bank robber and a vicious fugitive who'll stop at nothing to avoid capture and flee the city.

Aired: 04/9/2008

DEA vs. Heroin Kingpin - Episode 101

DEA agents put their lives in the hands of a drug and weapons trafficker turned informant as they mount an operation to burrow deep into Detroit's drug underworld. Each undercover buy and daring raid brings them one step closer to a deadly showdown with a violent drug kingpin.

Aired: 04/2/2008