Fire Crotch - Episode 209

Gus works on a forearm tattoo with some suspicious hidden images, Jasmine extinguishes a real-life fire crotch, and Tommy lifts the burden of a client's childhood mistakes.

Aired: 07/16/2013 Available until: 04/5/2015

Holy Hank! - Episode 208

Gus rescues a girl from the grips of an evil squid, Jasmine helps a confused man with a mixed up national identity, and Tommy calls upon the saints to help save a cop.

Aired: 07/9/2013 Available until: 04/5/2015

Couples Therapy - Episode 207

Jasmine helps a couple forget their past, Tommy saves a mom with a horrifying skeleton that scares her son, and Gus covers a unicorn tattoo destroying his client's manhood.

Aired: 07/2/2013 Available until: 04/5/2015

Behind The 8 Ball - Episode 206

A softball coach with "Bitch Please" on his neck turns to Tommy, Gus tries to help a lady with an incriminating 8 ball, and Jasmine helps a biker get his cred back.

Aired: 06/25/2013 Available until: 04/5/2015

Good Girl Gone Bad - Episode 205

A seemingly innocent girl shows Gus a "F**k the Police" tat, Jasmine turns a demon clown into an angel, and Tommy takes on a tattoo so bad it killed a client's grandpa.

Aired: 06/18/2013 Available until: 04/5/2015

Tattoo Secrets - Episode 204

Jasmine is shocked by a client who reveals a heart wrenching secret to his wife, Tommy's client was betrayed by her own parents, and Gus takes on 8 nipples on a man's chest.

Aired: 06/11/2013 Available until: 04/5/2015

Unholy Cross - Episode 203

Tommy goes up against a cross made of penises, Jasmine struggles with a girl who was horribly wronged, and Gus takes on the shop's most extreme head tattoo ever.

Aired: 06/4/2013 Available until: 04/5/2015

Satanic Schoolgirl - Episode 201

Tommy performs an exorcism on a pentagram, Gus saves a former gangster from his profane past, and Jasmine attempts to resurrect a nerd's life with a "meow" tattoo on his butt.

Aired: 05/28/2013 Available until: 04/5/2015

Starfish Booty - Episode 202

Tommy tackles cartoon breasts on a man's shoulder, Jasmine is caught off guard by a racist tattoo, and Gus tries to cover up a flower inside a girl's butt crack.

Aired: 05/28/2013 Available until: 04/5/2015

The Scrambler - Episode 215

Gus scrambles to help a man forget a tragic memory, Jasmine tries her luck at a very unlucky tattoo, and Tommy cleans up after an extremely messy con artist.

Aired: 08/27/2013 Available until: 04/5/2015