Riot - Episode 213

When a riot breaks out on campus after the team goes undefeated, Alex and the players must cross the frenzied campus to the Goat House to save Sammy from being torn apart by rabid fans.

Aired: 01/22/2011

Trap Game

Trap Game - Episode 212

The team is one game away from an undefeated season when Radon is tackled in practice by Thad creating a confidence struggle that takes him out of the game. Meanwhile, Daniels suffers a heart attack as the pressure of a potential perfect season in jeopardy mounts.

Aired: 01/12/2011

Drunk Tank

Drunk Tank - Episode 211

Alex and his teammates end up in the local drunk tank, where they must stay until they blow a .06 on the breathalyzer. Sammy attempts to get drunk enough to join them so he can break them out from the inside, a la Prison Break.

Aired: 01/5/2011


Hockey - Episode 210

Alex decides that becoming the backup goalie for BMS' hockey team is the perfect way to avoid his conditioning obligations and Radon quickly follows suit. Meanwhile, Mary Jo becomes Thad's personal cheerleader.

Aired: 12/29/2010

The Badger

The Badger - Episode 209

During rivalry weekend, Overland's mascot gets loose, and Alex and Thad set out to find it so Alex can tailgate and Thad can eat its balls.

Aired: 12/22/2010

Vision Quest

Vision Quest - Episode 208

After the campus is vacated, Thad goes on a vision quest to help him decide between staying at BMS next year and going pro.

Aired: 12/18/2010


Debra - Episode 207

Alex unwittingly sleeps with Coach Daniels' ex-wife and gets used as a pawn in their bitter relationship, while Sammy struggles to end Mary Jo's new fascination with a guitar-toting heartthrob.

Aired: 12/1/2010


Nerds - Episode 206

The campus nerds revolt, leaving the jocks unable to function academically and causing an identity crisis in Sammy.

Aired: 11/17/2010


Pregnant - Episode 205

Alex, Thad and Radon receive a message from an unknown woman saying she is pregnant and each respond very differently. Meanwhile, Sammy must decide between staying with a girl out of his league at a price or go back to being single while Coach Daniels attempts to rekindle his relationship with his son.

Aired: 11/10/2010

Pay For Play

Pay For Play - Episode 204

The team begins accepting increasingly ostentatious gifts from agents, while Coach Daniels fends off pressure to play the annoying, Rudy-like son of a local booster.

Aired: 11/3/2010

Born Again

Born Again - Episode 203

The team becomes celibate in order to boost their performance on the field, but it backfires when Mary Jo, out of frustration, stirs them into a frenzy. Plus, Coach Daniel's ex-wife Debra (Denise Richards) shows up to collect unpaid debts.

Aired: 10/27/2010


Controversy - Episode 202

In response to last season's dismal outcome, Coach Daniels brings in a new star QB who turns out to be a loose cannon, taking Alex on an increasingly dangerous adventure. Meanwhile, Sammy's sister, Mary Jo, arrives at BMS and joins the cheerleading squad after some hazing.

Aired: 10/27/2010

The Fingering

The Fingering - Episode 201

After being sodomized in a fumble pile during practice, Thad sets off on an investigation into who violated him, with each teammate's version of the story conflicting with the next.

Aired: 10/16/2010