Buried Bucks In The Bayou - Episode 113

American Savage is bayou bound, seeking priceless artifacts hidden for centuries until being churned up by massive hurricanes. Property owners are scarce though, and putrid mud and gator-infested swamps may make this dig a bust.

Aired: 06/6/2012

The Fountain Of Cash - Episode 112

American Savage hunts for artifacts from the oldest permanent European settlement in the US. But with much of the area historically protected, and suspicious homeowners guarding the rest, finding a place to dig won’t be easy.

Aired: 06/6/2012

Spoils Of War - Episode 111

On the hunt for Civil War relics, American Savage travels to Middletown, VA, hoping to find rare Confederate artifacts that would bring a big payday. But a homeowner threatens to shut them down before they make a dime.

Aired: 05/30/2012

Mob Money - Episode 110

American Savage heads for Al Capone’s home turf, hunting valuable artifacts from Chicago’s gangland past. But hostile homeowners, angry cops, and a challenging underground dig stand between the team and a Savage profit.

Aired: 04/25/2012

Unearthing Controversy - Episode 109

American Savage hunts for slavery artifacts, hoping to preserve important history from a painful chapter in America’s past. But uncomfortable homeowners want the past to stay buried and may shut down the dig before it starts.

Aired: 03/28/2012

New World Treasure - Episode 108

American Savage hunts for relics from America’s first permanent English colony. But affluent homeowners threaten to torpedo the team’s dreams and their last hope of a profit may be submerged under 30 feet of freezing water.

Aired: 05/23/2012

Blood, Sweat, And Money - Episode 107

American Savage sets their sites on the notorious town of Tombstone hoping to find a wealth of Wild West relics, but tough terrain, wild animals and gun-toting locals could make this dig more like the gunfight at the OK Corral.

Aired: 05/16/2012

The Bowels Of Brooklyn - Episode 106

American Savage hunts for 19th century privy sites and items lost or tossed into them that are now worth big bucks. But to hit pay dirt, they have to win over the tough locals, cut through concrete, and dig holes up to 30 feet deep.

Aired: 04/11/2012

Cherokee Treasure Trove - Episode 105

American Savage travels to Ric’s hometown in search of priceless American Indian artifacts. But stone and clay relics mean metal detectors are useless, and dangers lurking in the woods could kill the dig before they make a dime.

Aired: 04/18/2012

Moonshine Money - Episode 104

American Savage heads to North Carolina, hoping to unearth valuable relics from the region’s illegal moonshining past. But with bootlegging still going on in the area, finding a place to dig could be more dangerous than ever.

Aired: 04/11/2012

Savage Shark Hunt - Episode 103

American Savage hunts for fossils of prehistoric monsters like the Megalodon shark. But to find its massive teeth or other Jurassic treasures, they have to trade metal detectors for a huge backhoe and dig 30 feet to an ancient ocean floor.

Aired: 04/4/2012

Motor City Money - Episode 102

American Savage heads to the automobile capital of the world to dig for valuable relics from the Motor City’s historic boom times, but abandoned houses, vicious dogs and buried hazards may destroy their dreams of a Savage profit.

Aired: 03/21/2012

Ice Cold Gold - Episode 101

American Savage hunts for valuable Alaskan Gold Rush artifacts left behind by prospectors in the late 1800s, but blizzards, freezing temperatures and reclusive homeowners could dash their dreams of striking artifact gold.

Aired: 05/30/2012