Sean Astin Talks TMNT And NBA 2K13 - Episode 123

Sean Astin chats about his role as the voice of Raphael in Nickelodeon's new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series, we take a look at NBA 2K13 and Jay-Z brings the 1992 Dream Team back together again.

Aired: 09/27/2012

App Making 101, Wii U & Batman, Inc. - Episode 122

Steve Lunny breaks down how to make your very own app, Katie unveils the latest details on the Wii U and we get an exclusive preview of Batman, Incorporated.

Aired: 09/20/2012

College Tech Projects And High School CEOs - Episode 121

It’s college week on All Access Weekly and Katie gives us an exclusive look to the future with some of the coolest technologies from college campuses all over the nation. Ring the bell, class is in session, people.

Aired: 09/6/2012

BuzzFeed's John Herrman And The Summer In Tech - Episode 120

When it comes to tech, it was a summer to remember. In case you missed it, Katie Linendoll sits down with BuzzFeed's John Herrman to break down the Mars landing, Apple prototypes and the GIFs that keep on GIFing.

Aired: 09/6/2012

iPhone 5 And Fabien Cousteau’s Gadgets - Episode 119

SuperHost Katie Linendoll tells us why the upcoming Apple announcement is the most important one yet and Fabien Cousteau, grandson of the legendary Jacques Cousteau, uses a few of his rad gadgets to give us a futuristic look into the ocean.

Aired: 08/30/2012

Hit & Run And Cars Of The Future - Episode 118

Cars! Katie sits down with Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell to talk about their new muscle car comedy ‘Hit & Run’ and we get an in-depth look at the future of automotive technology.

Aired: 08/23/2012

Matthew Berry, Fantasy Sports & Madden NFL 13 - Episode 117

Are you ready for some football in the digital realm? We get expert fantasy sports advice from the legendary Matthew Berry and Katie breaks down why Madden NFL 13 is better than ever. The fastest five minutes in tech, gaming and comics starts right now!

Aired: 08/16/2012

Django Unchained And Looper - Episode 116

Our fab host Katie Linendoll gets deep about the amazing-looking Django Unchained with cast members Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington and also gets an exclusive one-on-one with Looper star Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The fastest five minutes in tech, gaming and comics starts right now!

Aired: 08/2/2012

Comic-Con Wrap-Up, Total Recall & Walking Dead - Episode 115

Katie Linendoll wraps up the epic madness that was Comic-Con 2012, Norman Reedus chats about his role as Daryl Dixon on the new season of The Walking Dead and the always-lovely Kate Beckinsale experiences Total Recall.

Aired: 07/26/2012

The Amazing Spider-Man & Comic-Con All Access Live - Episode 113

Katie Linendoll catches up with the cast of The Amazing Spider-Man, we preview Activision’s new Spidey game and ‘Professional Geek’ Rick Marshall drops by the Times Square studio to break down what to expect at Comic-Con 2012. Epic.

Aired: 07/5/2012

Geoff Keighley’s E3 Preview, Metal Gear Rising & Tomb Raider Exclusives - Episode 111

GameTrailers’ All Access host Geoff Keighley gives us the ultimate E3 lowdown and Katie unveils exclusive first-looks at Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and the new Tomb Raider. Tune in to the fastest 5 minutes in tech, gaming and comics Thursdays at midnight only on SPIKE!

Aired: 05/31/2012

Kotaku's E3 Rumors And Amazing Spider-Man Exclusive - Episode 110 Editor-In-Chief Stephen Totilo breaks down the biggest rumors of the upcoming 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo and comic book writer Dan Slott gives us an exclusive first-look at the pages of Amazing Spider-Man: No Turning Back.

Aired: 05/24/2012

Ken Marino, Social Media Klout & The Perfect Club - Episode 109

On All Access Weekly, funnyman Ken Marino gets deep about his new project Burning Love, Klout CEO Joe Fernandez breaks down the coolest peeps on the Interwebs and we get an exclusive look at GTTV's upcoming MLB 2K12: The Perfect Club.

Aired: 05/17/2012

Gina Gershon And Silicon Valley Office Tour - Episode 108

Gina Gershon hits our Times Square studio to talk about her new amped-up feature Killer Joe and Katie Linendoll travels to Silicon Valley and visits the amazing offices of Zynga, Hipstamatic and Tune in to the fastest 5 minutes in tech, gaming and comics Thursdays at midnight only on SPIKE!

Aired: 05/10/2012

Star Wars Day, Mr. Anderson And Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 - Episode 107

On the newest episode of All Access Weekly, our hostess with the mostess Katie Linendoll celebrates an actual Star Wars holiday, IMPACT WRESTLING's Mr. Anderson hits the Times Square studio for an electrifying one-on-one chat and we get some epic news on Call Of Duty Black Ops 2. Tune in to the fastest 5 minutes in tech, gaming and comics Thursdays at midnight only on SPIKE!

Aired: 05/4/2012

John Cusack And iRobots Go To War - Episode 106

John Cusack talks Edgar Allan Poe as well as his for love of all things Twitter and Katie gives us an exclusive look at the robots that are literally fighting on the front lines in Afghanistan. The fastest five minutes in tech starts right now!

Aired: 04/27/2012