Respect Is Earned - Episode 1003

A four-way elimination match determines Lashley's next challenger, and Madison Rayne challenges Havok for the Knockouts Title.

Aired: 10/15/2014 Available until: 01/30/2015

Full Metal Mayhem - Episode 1002

The Tag Title Series concludes with an instant classic. Hardys. Team 3D. Wolves. Tables. Chairs. Ladders. Full Metal Mayhem.

Aired: 10/8/2014 Available until: 01/23/2015

Havok Reigns - Episode 1001

Gail Kim faces Havok for the Knockouts Championship and Austin Aries cashes in the title shot he won in the NYC Gold Rush.

Aired: 10/1/2014 Available until: 01/16/2015