Secret Weed Safe - Episode 110

A cop tricks a junkie into giving up a stash pad filled with pounds of weed. Two dealers rat out their suppliers in an effort to escape serving more time. Officers nab a hustler on the Vegas Strip.

Aired: 07/16/2012

Car Wash Crack Sales - Episode 109

Undercover cops stake out a fake business and attempt a dangerous night raid. A hooker corners police in the bathroom. An undercover makes the mistake of trusting a drug dealer he just met.

Aired: 07/9/2012

Pawn Busters - Episode 108

Undercover cops bust addicts shopping for meth ingredients. A pawnshop broker gets caught buying stolen gold. A crack dealer makes a run for it.

Aired: 06/25/2012

Gun Runner - Episode 107

Undercover cops catch a young couple swapping stolen guns for pills. A crack dealer leads cops to his supply. Officers bust people at a drug checkpoint.

Aired: 06/18/2012

Win A Prize, Go To Jail - Episode 106

Officers fake a prize giveaway to bust criminals who are on the run. Undercover cops bust a meth lab in a trailer. Police set up a drug bust in a hotel room.

Aired: 06/11/2012

The Takedown Clown - Episode 105

Hookers plan a ménage à trois with an undercover cop in a clown suit. A helicopter is used to track a drug dealer. Officers tail a guy in a stolen truck and attempt a takedown in a busy parking lot.

Aired: 05/28/2012

Oxy Mom - Episode 104

A woman who’s 7 months pregnant tries to buy a huge stash of Oxycodone. Undercover cops surprise prostitutes during a bachelor party sting. Officers take down drug dealers by jumping out of the back of a moving van.

Aired: 05/21/2012

Drug Dealer Under My Bed - Episode 103

Female officers fake a bachelorette party to bust a drug dealer. A frightened crack dealer attempts to hide out under a stranger’s bed. One criminal poops his pants when the police reveal themselves to bust him.

Aired: 05/14/2012

Crack And Car Jack - Episode 102

Patrol cops accidentally crash a drug sting and scare the dealer. A hooker gets busted by an undercover for the second time. A car thief unwittingly makes a deal with undercover detectives.

Aired: 05/14/2012