The Double Repo - Episode 104

In the first ever Repo Games double repo, one engaged couple faces repossession on both of both their cars... at the same time.

Aired: 05/10/2011

Baby Knows Best - Episode 103

In a first-ever for Repo Games, a woman and her baby team up together on her front lawn to try and win back her ailing dad's car.

Aired: 05/3/2011

Darwin Makes a Break For It - Episode 102

A couple vies to save their only way around town, while a dodgy debtor tries to evade Josh by stealing his vintage Mustang right off the back of the tow truck! Then, Tom tries to pry a motorcycle from Kimberly the biker chick.

Aired: 04/26/2011

Wallace and the Green Machine - Episode 101

A wigged out woman turns into a crazed dancing diva when she is faced with losing her "green machine" mini-van, plus 19-year-old Nick tries to win back his Nissan. Finally, "Donuts" gives Josh a good laugh explaining his nickname.

Aired: 04/26/2011