Babysitter Badass - Episode 120

A scrawny deadbeat debtor and his babysitter sidekick try to throwdown with Josh and steal his keys right out of the ignition!

Aired: 09/6/2011

Booty, Blockin' - Episode 119

An angry daughter blocks Tom in the driveway with her car, then her booty when the family wagon is put in jeopardy.

Aired: 08/30/2011

Mrs. Robinson's Neighborhood - Episode 118

A Scottsdale MILF tries to flirt her way into Josh's heart and keep from losing her car and possibly her marriage.

Aired: 08/23/2011

Mr. Sin City - Episode 117

A low rollin' gambler hopes to keep his hot streak of hookers and booze alive by winning back his ride to the Vegas strip.

Aired: 08/16/2011

Officer Friendly Knows Best - Episode 116

Police must get involved in order to convince a participant to play!

Aired: 08/9/2011

Heavy Lovin' - Episode 115

A heavy weight debtor tries to win his truck back in order to take his hot girlfriend to a strip club.

Aired: 08/3/2011

Muscle Mayhem - Episode 114

Tom meets his match when a female body builder challenges him to an arm wrestling match for her car.

Aired: 08/2/2011

Bug Spray Attack - Episode 113

An irate contestant sprays Josh in the face with insecticide.

Aired: 07/26/2011

Happy Ending - Episode 112

Josh is promised a "happy ending" to this Repo by a flirty older lady.

Aired: 07/26/2011

Bait and Repo - Episode 111

When a gun loving debtor is faced with losing his truck, he makes a mad dash to steal it off the back of the tow truck.

Aired: 07/19/2011

Pip Squeak Squawkin - Episode 110

A scrawny dad with a bad temper confronts Tom at the Lot.

Aired: 07/19/2011

Shots Fired - Episode 109

A neighbor becomes enraged at the Repo crew and gunfire erupts!

Aired: 07/12/2011

Grizzly Man - Episode 108

Josh meets a contestant who has an unusually close relationship with his car.

Aired: 07/12/2011

Who Let The Dogs Out! - Episode 107

A down on his luck debtor threatens to unleash his attack dog on Josh when he discovers his truck is on the tow.

Aired: 05/31/2011

Bad Boys, Bad Boys - Episode 106

A double dealing husband gets caught taking a loan out on his wife's truck and ends up playing Repo Games with the cops staring him down from the sidelines.

Aired: 05/24/2011

Redneck Rampage - Episode 105

Repo man Josh tries to avoid an old fashioned family beat-down by convincing a redneck father & son team to play Repo Games.

Aired: 05/17/2011