Babysitter Badass - Episode 120

David and Buddy B try to flip the repo and take Josh's car, Rod hates GTL but loves his car, and D'Andre comes out to play with only one sock on.

Aired: 09/6/2011

Booty, Blockin' - Episode 119

James lays down in front of the repo truck, Josh finds everyone in town except the owner of the truck, and Tabitha gets dressed up to play the game.

Aired: 08/30/2011

Mrs. Robinson's Neighborhood - Episode 118

Gabriel tries to play the game with her mom nagging from behind, Jennifer hopes to flirt her way out of a repo, and Sheila convinces Cedric to play instead of punching Josh.

Aired: 08/23/2011

Mr. Sin City - Episode 117

Orlando tries his luck and plays for his truck, Byron smiles wide to keep his car, and Antonio takes a break from gambling and hookers to try to save his car.

Aired: 08/16/2011

Officer Friendly Knows Best - Episode 116

"Repo Games" hosts its first marriage proposal, Bayron gets some advice from the police to play the game, and Melinda and Shanecka ask for heavenly help to keep their car.

Aired: 08/9/2011

Heavy Lovin' - Episode 115

Sassy Kim threatens Tom before playing the game, Betsy tries to save her baby while her mom cheers her on, and Josh rags on big Shane in front of his girlfriend.

Aired: 08/3/2011

Muscle Mayhem - Episode 114

Miche tries to flirt her way out of a repo, a female body builder challenges Tom to an arm wrestling match, and Mellanese and David drop it like it's hot.

Aired: 08/2/2011

Bug Spray Attack - Episode 113

Semone attacks Josh with bug spray, Douglas may be high as a kite but he's ready to play, and Salvador and his nephew try to save his truck.

Aired: 07/26/2011

Happy Ending - Episode 112

Jennifer's entire family comes out to watch the game, Lee the hustler plays by his own rules, and Joann offers her big daddy Josh a happy ending.

Aired: 07/22/2011

Bait and Repo - Episode 111

Maurice is getting high in the car when Josh comes knocking, Darren brings his truck in but doesn't want to leave it, and Jeannette and her sisters try to save her car.

Aired: 07/19/2011

Pip Squeak Squawkin - Episode 110

James/Mike and his family play in the backwoods, Rick loves to drive his car and run his mouth, and old school L.C. threatens to shoot Josh before the game.

Aired: 07/23/2011

Shots Fired - Episode 109

A gunman opens fire on the Repo crew while Karen plays the game, a stripper daughter helps her parents, and Carlos tries to save his car while his girlfriend stares daggers.

Aired: 07/12/2011

Grizzly Man - Episode 108

Josh finds two guys getting high in a Jaguar, Cesar plays for a car he is unusually close to, and Nicole the teacher tries her best to save her SUV.

Aired: 07/12/2011

Who Let The Dogs Out! - Episode 107

A confused Aaron plays the game, Alicia freaks out on Tom when she finds him on her lawn, and a mother and son finally agree to play along to try and save their car.

Aired: 05/31/2011

Bad Boys, Bad Boys - Episode 106

A double dealing husband gets caught taking a loan out on his wife's truck, Shaquita and her friend try their very best to play, and Davina's whole family cheers her on.

Aired: 05/24/2011

Redneck Rampage - Episode 105

A redneck father and son team play for their car, Alfred uses his cartoon knowledge for trivia, and Linda finds out the hard way her husband took a loan out on her truck.

Aired: 05/17/2011