Hammertime - Episode 204

Tom gets up close and personal with hammer-wielding Shawn, Angella's girlfriend's temper almost blows the deal, and Jimmy's wife calms him down long enough to play.

Aired: 04/18/2012 Available until: 03/23/2015

Johnnie Don't Know - Episode 203

Johnnie hopes to do better on "Repo Games" than she did at the dentist, Pamela gets vulgar and violent with Tom, and Merarie bares it all to save her car.

Aired: 04/4/2012 Available until: 03/2/2015

No Underwear, No Problem - Episode 202

Brian and Valerie give some of the craziest answers ever, Orlando makes a dating video, and La Shana's husband recognizes Josh and can't wait to play "Repo Games."

Aired: 03/28/2012 Available until: 03/16/2015

Gunnin' For Payback - Episode 201

Tom pulls a bait and switch and gets an automatic weapon pointed in his face, Eileen and Ashley try to strip for their car, and Josh tries to repo a bus driver's car.

Aired: 03/28/2012 Available until: 03/9/2015