Coast to Coast #1623 - Episode 1623

In Portland, OR, Officer Craig Mendenhall joins other officers pursuing a suspect who allegedly assaulted a woman on a commuter train, and when the suspect ignores instructions, officers are forced to use a tazer gun to subdue him. In Palm Springs, CA, Officer Steepleton helps other policemen who’ve apprehended a burglary suspect at a casino, a man who proclaims his innocence even though he was caught on a surveillance video.

Aired: 08/28/2013

Jersey Cop: Special Edition #1618 - Episode 1618

In Passaic County, NJ, Officer Damiano detains a suspect who ducked into an apartment building after he spotted Damiano’s cruiser, and later, Damiano finds crack cocaine in the suspect’s possession. In Passaic County, NJ, Corporal Damiano questions a suspect who claims she was driving through a well-known drug area because she was on her way to visit her grandmother.

Aired: 08/28/2013

War On Drugs: Special Edition #1616 - Episode 1616

In Passaic County, NJ, Officer DeGroat helps another officer trying to locate a vehicle that left an area known for drug activity, and when the driver is taken into custody, police find a large quantity of heroin. In Maui, Hawaii, Officer Krau gives chase after a suspect bails out of his vehicle and runs into a nearby condominium complex.

Aired: 08/28/2013 Available until: 04/27/2014

Mardi Gras: Special Edition #1602 - Episode 1602

In New Orleans, LA, Officer Rose arrests a male tourist who mooned a lively Mardi Gras crowd; Officer Bodenheimer breaks up a fight between three men that began when one of the suspects allegedly groped a female victim; a suspect is taken into custody after he’s ejected from a club for allegedly fighting.

Aired: 08/28/2013

Bad Girls/Mardi Gras: Special Edition #1601 - Episode 1601

In New Orleans, LA, Officers Bodenheimer and Rose make an arrest after a female victim claims she was assaulted by another woman; Sergeant Bowen detains a tourist after she strolled down Bourbon Street with her colorful airbrushed bosom exposed; Officer Davis arrests a suspect who allegedly licked a female’s exposed breast in public.

Aired: 08/28/2013 Available until: 04/21/2014