Pants on Fire - Episode 3006

With officers hot on his trail, a wanted suspect's world comes crashing down. A tearful woman calls deputies to help apprehend her hostile husband. During a traffic stop, one passenger tries to outrun the police and his past.

Aired: Available until: 08/12/2017

Do Not Pass Go - Episode 3005

A chatty motorist becomes agitated when officers start asking questions. Police are shocked when a fleeing driver calls his wife in the middle of a pursuit. Deputies catch a man lying and give him a test to prove his innocence.

Aired: Available until: 08/5/2017

On the Fence - Episode 3004

A precarious foot pursuit ends with the suspect in an embarrassing position. A motorist calls the cops when a pedestrian loses his cool. A relationship is jeopardized when a man resorts to old habits.

Aired: 07/9/2017 Available until: 07/29/2017

Surprise Guest - Episode 3003

Police organize a search of a neighborhood and find the suspect in a tight spot. A pastor calls the cops when a suspicious car parks behind his church. An officer gives valuable advice to a young mother with a troubled past.

Aired: 06/24/2017

On the Dean's List - Episode 3001

A wanted man makes a desperate decision after he flees on foot. An overprotective girlfriend questions the cops and finds herself in cuffs. A jealous man loses more than his girlfriend after he picks a fight with her son.

Aired: 06/18/2017