Wild & Crazy #2 Special Edition - Episode 2507

A female suspect makes a wild run from police, all because she would not pay a cab driver. A report about a knife fight ends with an ex-convict being arrested. A French tourist alleges a family heirloom was stolen from him while riding a bus in Broward County.

Aired: 03/23/2015

Liar Liar #6 Special Edition - Episode 2506

A suspect fleeing from police gets a flat tire and is detained using pepper spray. Officers respond to a report about suspects discharging weapons at a party. Deputies question suspects at a gas station and discover prescription drugs and soda straws in their car.

Aired: 03/23/2015

Coast to Coast - Episode 2505

A suspect in Newport News is chased down after allegedly threatening a convenience store clerk with a rock. In Alameda County, marijuana is found during a routine traffic stop, but it is supposedly for medicinal purposes. A Las Vegas officer sorts out a domestic dispute between a man and his stepson.

Aired: 02/20/2015

Busted #2 Special Edition - Episode 2504

A bicyclist stopped for riding on a sidewalk is found carrying a loaded shotgun in his pants. Four brothers are questioned, one of whom allegedly attempted to break into his father’s house. An inebriated father is questioned about allegedly shooting a gun five times inside his home.

Aired: 02/20/2015

Caught in a Lie Special Edition - Episode 2503

In Kansas City, a car being chased by police crashes. A domestic dispute occures between roomates in North Las VegasA car in with expired plates in Chattanoogo gets stopped and a crack rock is discovered in the vehicle.

Aired: 02/20/2015

Chases, Guns & Cars #2 - Episode 2502

In Kansas City, officers pursue a stolen vehicle and a suspect is stopped while walking through a neighborhood with a BB gun tucked into his pants. A female pedestrian in Las Vegas is injured after two cars crashed into each other.

Aired: 02/21/2015

Street Arrests - Episode 2501

In Alameda County, Calif., a fleeing bicyclist is found hiding in his 4-year-old daughter's bed. An officer in Chattanooga, Tenn. searches for a suspect who allegedly threatened to beat his girlfriend with a brick.

Aired: 02/14/2015

Odd Arrests #5 Special Edition #2510 - Episode 10

A woman claims her boyfriend threatened her with a knife; cops help capture an escaped zebra.

Aired: 10/19/2013