Return to Queens Blvd

Return to Queens Blvd - Episode 512

The guys return to NYC, where E stalks Gus Van Sant and Vince reconnects with his high school sweetheart. Meanwhile, Drama considers investing in a bar.

Aired: 07/13/2011

Play'n With Fire

Play'n With Fire - Episode 511

When Vince gets a contradictory direction from Verner while shooting a pivotal scene for "Smoke Jumpers," Ari and Dana Gordon are left to sort out the mess. Turtle begins dating Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

Aired: 07/12/2011

Seth Green Day

Seth Green Day - Episode 510

Seth Green is back, and stirs up trouble for Eric and Charlie. Vince confronts Smokejumpers' director, Verner. Lloyd and Ari give Andrew Klein a makeover. Ari tries to convince Babs to let Andrew join the agency.

Aired: 07/11/2011


Pie - Episode 509

Vince and the crew get to work on the set of the new movie "Smoke Jumpers." Vince gets angry at Jason Patric for allegedly stealing his lines. Drama and Turtle try to get back at Jason by pranking him all day long. Meanwhile, Ari looks to make a new investment with an old friend.

Aired: 07/7/2011

First Class Jerk

First Class Jerk - Episode 508

Turtle scores a first class seat next to the star of a now finished HBO series, and makes a mile-high claim to the guys; Josh Weinstein courts Vince whilst Ari is distracted.

Aired: 07/6/2011

Gotta Look Up to Get Down

Gotta Look Up to Get Down - Episode 507

Vince works with a supermodel on a photo shoot for a major fashion house, and Ari seizes an opportunity at a funeral to boost his client's career.

Aired: 07/5/2011


ReDOMption - Episode 506

Dom needs Vince's help after being involved in a televised car chase; Ari wagers on Vince's career while playing golf with studio head Alan Gray; and a desperate Turtle signs on as Drama's personal assistant.

Aired: 06/30/2011

Tree Trippers

Tree Trippers - Episode 505

Making the right call on a crucial career move calls for Vince and the guys to search for clarity and guidance in the arid expanse of Joshua Tree National Park. Meanwhile, Lloyd assists Ari in his time of need.

Aired: 06/29/2011

Fire Sale

Fire Sale - Episode 504

Ari shows interest in Eric's independent script; L.B. and Nick up their price on their script, believing they have a bidding war on their hands; Johnny Drama prepares to make an appearance on The View.

Aired: 06/28/2011

The All Out Fall Out

The All Out Fall Out - Episode 503

To avoid bankruptcy, Vince agrees to make an appearance at a sweet 16 party. Drama is still devastated by his breakup with Jacqueline. Ari ups the ante with Adam Davies.

Aired: 06/27/2011

Unlike a Virgin

Unlike a Virgin - Episode 502

Vince is feeling insecure about more than just his career when he runs into former flame Justine Chapin at a party; Eric takes two screenwriters, L.B. and Nick on as clients; Drama continues his romance with Jacqueline.

Aired: 06/24/2011

Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island - Episode 501

Vince hides out in a Mexican paradise with Turtle after Medellin bombs. Eric and Ari try to persuade Vince to come back to LA. Drama is a prima donna on a photo shoot.

Aired: 06/23/2011