Give a Little Bit

Give a Little Bit - Episode 612

When Matt Damon and LeBron James send out a charity call, an unwilling Vince takes up the challenge. Ari tries to convince his wife that his deal with Terrance will be lucrative. Drama ponders a switch in careers. Eric makes plans to meet Sloan.

Aired: 03/24/2011

Scared Straight

Scared Straight - Episode 611

Two unexpected arrivals come during Drama's audition for Melrose 2009. Ari gets an unexpected visit from Terrence. Eric learns some unsavory news about his latest fling. As Jamie-Lynn prepares to leave for New Zealand, Turtle receives a farewell from her that he wasn't expecting.

Aired: 08/2/2011

Berried Alive

Berried Alive - Episode 610

Ari goes to war with Lloyd when Drama wants out of his contract on Five Towns. Ashley asks Eric to let her After talking with Brittany, his new assistant, it becomes clear to Eric that Ashley has major trust issues. Turtle is caught in a love triangle with Jamie-Lynn and a UCLA co-ed.

Aired: 08/1/2011

Security Briefs

Security Briefs - Episode 609

As Drama follows up on a tip about Vince's suspected stalker, Turtle gets some surprising news about the break-in. Ari steals teen heartthrob Zac Efron from Adam Davies, so Davies offers Lloyd a job as an agent, which brings him into conflict with Ari. Ashley grows increasingly suspicious of Eric.

Aired: 03/19/2011

The Sorkin Notes

The Sorkin Notes - Episode 608

Vince takes his recent break-in seriously, and calls in Ari's security guy, who is rather pricey. Sloan asks Eric to meet her for drinks, but when he gets a phone call from Ashley, he decides once and for all who, and what, he really wants. Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin arrives to sign with the agency, even though Andrew's domestic issues threaten to derail the deal, but the outcome is very surprising.

Aired: 03/18/2011

No More Drama

No More Drama - Episode 607

Eric starts a new job, and immediately clashes with a colleague over Bob Saget, who makes a very unusual request. Vince's home is broken into, and Ari and Turtle seem to be more concerned about it than Vince. Drama tries to make amends with his boss, who just can't leave well enough alone.

Aired: 11/6/2010

Murphy's Lie

Murphy's Lie - Episode 606

Eric considers the job offer; Ari finally gets Mrs. Gold to forgive him; Drama tries to protect Jamie-Lynn.

Aired: 11/10/2010


Fore! - Episode 605

At a charity golf tournament, Vince and Drama up the stakes with teammates Mark Wahlberg and Tom Brady.

Aired: 07/21/2011

Running on E

Running on E - Episode 604

Ari sends Lloyd to spy on Andrew Klein. Drama auditions actresses for a romantic scene on his show. Vince searches for ways to keep himself occupied between projects.

Aired: 07/20/2011

One Car, Two Car, Red Car, Blue Car

One Car, Two Car, Red Car, Blue Car - Episode 603

On Turtle's 30th birthday, he becomes concerned of the fact that everyone perceives him as a loser. E goes to Ari for advice on how to help his client out.

Aired: 07/19/2011

Amongst Friends

Amongst Friends - Episode 602

The boys get dates for the 'Gatsby' premiere, and E asks Sloan to go with him as friends. Lloyd goes on a crash diet.

Aired: 07/18/2011


Drive - Episode 601

Vince prepares for his driving test and a guest spot on Jay Leno. Eric considers moving into a house that a friend of Sloan's is subletting. Lloyd begs Ari for a promotion.

Aired: 07/14/2011