Guys and Doll

Guys and Doll - Episode 304

Dom, who has now become a part of Vince's posse, ends up telling Vince a story that helps him get his dream role in the film, Medellin.

Aired: 09/8/2011


Dominated - Episode 303

The gang have no idea what to think when Vince decides to hang out with his old friend who happens to be an ex-con and wants them all to be friends. Meanwhile, Ari's daughter ends up becoming friends with an up and coming movie star.

Aired: 09/7/2011

One Day in the Valley

One Day in the Valley - Episode 302

Ari and Eric are worried because rolling blackouts have hit Los Angeles and it may cause a decrease in the box-office totals for "Aquaman" in the area. The two ponder how to keep Vince from finding out the situation.

Aired: 09/6/2011


Aquamom - Episode 301

As the gang anticipates the upcoming premiere for "Aquaman", the search is on for a perfect date for Vince. Meanwhile, Ari tries to cope with financial difficulties and his new office space, which is not quite what he is used to.

Aired: 04/28/2011