Comic-Con 2007 - Episode 206

Exclusives with the cast of Iron Man, Henry Rollins and the sexy Cherry Darling.

Aired: 11/21/2007

Author George R.R. Martin - Episode 205

Geek-Ray and one lucky fan talk to George R.R. Martin.

Aired: 11/6/2007

Buffy's Brian K. Vaughn - Episode 204

Find out the details of the upcoming Buffy: The Vampire Slayer comic from one of the writers.

Aired: 11/6/2007

Writers And Artists - Episode 203

GRV brings you in-depth interviews with the creators and gets answers about the past, present, and future of comics.

Aired: 11/6/2007

Jedi Invasion! - Episode 202

A brief delving into all the awesomeness that is Star Wars from the NY Comic Con floor.

Aired: 11/5/2007